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  1. Stellantis Limits Allocations of Gas Combustion Only Vehicles In 14 States [⛔️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Ordered my 392 for Colorado. It will be worth $1million… If I get it!
  2. Do you think there will be a 2024 392? Or any other V8 Wrangler ever again?

    Well it did come back for 2024. I am hoping this is it so I can have the last model year produced. Lol
  3. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    So true. Some of these posts on what has been added to highway rigs scares me!
  4. EcoDiesel is the right one!

    One more update, towed the QuickSilver to Alma, CO. This took us through the Eisenhower tunnel (the continental divide) through Breckenridge and then over Hoosier pass ending at 10,600 ft. This time had my family and some gear in the Jeep. Temps were fine, no limp mode and it’s hard to keep...
  5. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    I weighed 5200. JLURD soft top. 100% stock with me at 200 lb in the front seat.
  6. Colorado JL Freedom Panel Bag

    Sorry man. Need to remove the post. I hate people that don’t take them down and I am one of those dudes now. take care, Geoff
  7. FYI "Forced Regen"

    Mine will drop 2-4 pts driving up the hill to Evergreen. Keep in mind you are burning a ton of diesel in this climb so you are adding as it is regening. My 2020 F250 was much better at passive Regen.
  8. Financing denied. Yo Yo or Spot Delivery

    This happened to me. Dealers aren’t financing companies. They do the bare minimum of underwriting and then tell you what they they think they can do. In my case there is a form that I signed that said if they can get me financed for under 21% that I have to take the car. They quoted me 4.5%...
  9. Had Plenty of Time to Think...

    I am in the vehicle world. If you think this is a “Jeep Thing” you are Sorely mistaken. I have 400 vehicles on order for customers of all males and models; some Ford trucks have been over a year. Many are approaching a year. Bottom line, no manufacturer is using FIFO and no manufacturer...
  10. Factory Soft Top negatives?

    100% agree. Opening the rear window sucks compared to a hard top. The Jeep is louder but being able to flip the top back without removing freedom panels makes up for both.
  11. 2020 JLUR Diesel Curb Weight

    There is always a limiting factor for the weight rating. May be brakes, may be axles, may be center of gravity etc. weight ratings are nothing to mess with. Most built Jeeps loaded for a trip are overweight. Shoot, some unloaded Jeeps are probably overweight. Smart to ask the questions...
  12. EcoDiesel is the right one!

    It was amazing! That’s funny you live in Evergreen. We are trying to move there. Love your home town.
  13. EcoDiesel is the right one!

    Yep. Got to 240 oil and 217 Coolant. Not too bad!
  14. 2020 JLUR Diesel Curb Weight

    Agreed! Most built jeeps will be over GVWR, especially when set up for camping.
  15. 2020 JLUR Diesel Curb Weight

    I weighed today. I have a JLURD with a soft top. I am 205 lb and the Jeep was 3/4 full of diesel and 3/4 full of DEF. Scale reads 5200 which gives me another 1000 lbs up to gvwr. Not sure where the 800 lb sticker comes from. Looks like my curb is right at 5000 with fluids in.
  16. EcoDiesel is the right one!

    Update on my love for this thing…. I hooked up the popup, a Livin Lite 8.1 to the Jeep this afternoon. From my house in NW Denver I drove up to Genesee on Interstate 70. The round trip was about 45 miles and for anyone that knows I 70 right out of Denver it’s a pretty serious pull. Jeep never...
  17. Anyone with a Dynatrac 80 in the rear of a diesel?

    Are you concerned about weight, OP? Seems you will go over GVWR by a mile. Also, I am told diesel have a way of getting hot when running up hills under load. The combo of weight and diesel is not a great match I am told. Good luck and tell us about results.