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  1. Adaptive cruise - mirror block

    You have the box without that safety package? What year is yours? I ordered my 2021 and the only way to get auto high beams was to get the advanced safety package which also forced the basic safety package.
  2. Adaptive cruise - mirror block

    Why do you need jscan? It's part of the package from jeep.
  3. DIYers, How do you prime?

    I've tried 3 times, 10 times, 10 times then letting it sit for 30 min, 10 times and letting it sit overnight, all with the same result of long cranking before starting similar to that video.
  4. Air tank or not

    I have an arb twin and planned to put a tank in. I bought the tank but didn't have time to install it when I did the compressor so it sat. After using the twin enough, I've decided I probably won't install the tank.
  5. Hard wire or portable air compressor?

    I have an arb under the driver seat. Turn the AC on and direct it to the floor to keep the compressor cool and taking in cold air. As far as the noise goes, it around 5 minutes for me to air up and I'm usually not in the jeep. The few times I have been, it doesn't bother me with how quick it...
  6. Why the 3.0 is better than the 392

    Yep I gave up on the boxes.
  7. Why the 3.0 is better than the 392

    I think I spend more in washer fluid than DEF. In 33k miles I've spent $101...
  8. Which winch?

    +1 for synthetic. I've had strands of a steel go through my hand and I refuse to touch one now.
  9. Blind Spot Detection Unavailable Error

    Same here but it seems to take a couple hours and it usually resolves itself when I turn it off and back on. Initially I thought it was the constant trees I was going through being too close to the sensors but It did it to me last week on pavement. Curious what is going on.
  10. Dealer in WI, MN, or IA

    If you know what you want to order and willing to go through a dealer in Chicago, I can recommend the one I ordered from back in 2020. I had under invoice pricing before setting foot in the dealership and they didnt pressure any additional add ons. If you're looking for a salesman to assist you...
  11. Front Collision Warning question

    I had mine set on braking early on in my ownership. After the first application of the emergency braking in a situation that did not require it, I set it to alert only.
  12. “Auto High Beams Disabled” ‘24 Rubicon X

    Mine behaves the same. Also 2021
  13. Summary of Available EcoDiesel Skid Plates

    I have the NVM full skids and I took the factory one off thinking that I'd rather free up the space if my skid plates were to flex enough to make contact. I don't see that happening but that was my logic I believe the recalled pump is under the hood.
  14. Summary of Available EcoDiesel Skid Plates

    I'd throw oil pan up there before DEF tank. I dented mine pretty good on some rocks so I replaced it and now have full skids front to back. Before my skids I never hit the DEF tank surprisingly. Most of my contact is due to poor breakover angle being stock tires and no lift.
  15. Illinois Air dam

    Messaged you
  16. Illinois Sold: Air dam

    I have two air dams and the trim piece between the bumper and the grill. Free
  17. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Toolbox (no worky on macOS Ventura)

    It doesnt even work on my Win 10 PC. Wont recognize the flash drive.
  18. 3.0 injector cleaning to increase MPG?

    I'm a big fan of OR+ in 4h for sand. In the rocks I prefer OR+ to be off and stick to manually selecting the gear and using my lockers when I need them. OR+ and traction control off also allows you to use your rear locker if needed.
  19. 4x4 not working!

    You're right that BLD only cares about difference in wheel speed but I think the point that @mwilk012 is making is that the wheels never get the ability to slip because the FAD is disconnected and the inner shaft will just continue to spin. The passenger front tire is disconnected due to the...
  20. 4x4 not working!

    I'm aware that it should... my post was directed at the OP since he's having issues.