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  1. Rear rubber Cargo mat for 2 door jl

    Having a tough time finding one. Anyone who can direct me would be greatly appreciated. Would prefer one with a Red Jeep logo to match the OEM all season rubber floor mats..
  2. Door and tailgate hinge covers

    Anyone have any experience with these? https://www.amazon.com/Pairs-Protector-Guides-Compatible-Wrangler/dp/B07GC1JM81?pd_rd_wg=DbA8G&pd_rd_r=6cd02f65-4101-4b03-998c-389e725014ed&pd_rd_w=2k0tj&ref_=pd_gw_wish&pf_rd_r=B70GFWTQ4B1Q2Z9ZG43B&pf_rd_p=51143653-d574-5e14-a08c-77ccfb46e5ba I want to...
  3. WTB - 2 Door All Season Rubber Floor Mats

    Anyone selling theirs?
  4. Tire Pressure TPMS accuracy...?

    So I lowered the pressure in my tires to 37 PSI today, but my TPMS still reads them at 40 PSI.. Is this normal?
  5. Door sill guards 2 door vs 4 door

    Is there a difference between the 2 door sill guards and the 4 door front door version? I found a set where the 4 door version is cheaper than the 2 door version.. trying to save a few bucks after dropping 40k on my jeep purchase...
  6. Running usb behind dash, above screen

    Has anyone run a wire behind the dash coming out above the touch screen? I'm looking to mount my phone up there and would like a direct connection/charging up there... would have been a great discreat location for a usb port...
  7. JL (2DR) Sold: FS: 2 Door Rubicon Rock Rail Sliders, Philadelphia Pa $150

    2dr JLRubicon Rock rails $150 picked up.
  8. Best Financing Interest Rates?

    What are the best interest rates you guys have gotten when financing your Jeep? I was just approved at 2.24% for 66 months from Philadelphia Federal Credit Union.
  9. Accessory/Cigarette Lighter Port in Passenger Foot well?

    I am waiting for my Rubicon order to come in. Does anyone know if there's an accesory/cigarette lighter port in the front passenger footwell? Several of my previous cars have... I want to install a Qi wireless charging phone mount and seeing how I can hide/tuck wires out of site. Would rather...
  10. Tinting headlights with LED Bulbs

    I ordered a Rubicon with the stock headlight system. I was going to just replace the bulbs with LEDs but I've read how they can be a road hazzard. If I tint the headlightd while adding the LED bulbs will that resolve the road hazzard issue? This will be my first Jeep so please bare with my...
  11. Video Playback on Screen

    is there a way to get video playback on the 7 or 8.4 Inch uConnect screen? When I search on youtube I find something called uConnect theather. Anyone know if this or something like it works on the JL? I would like to be able to watch videos from a USB drive on the screen when in park...
  12. Order Status' and their definitions

    Is see different order status' like D and D1 and KZ Can someone list the status' and their meanings?
  13. Shortest Date Ordered to Delivery time

    What is the shortest order date to delivery date on these boards?
  14. Uconnect 8.4 4c vs Uconnect 7 4 difference

    Outside of the Nav what are the differences between these two systems?
  15. Tell Us Your Order Date to Delivery Date Wait Time

    Just ordered a White JL Rubicon 2 Door today. Curious what was the wait time for you guys. I know that many of you ordered well before production even started but would still like to hear your stories.
  16. Ordered 2Dr JL Rubicon 7/9 today!

    Ordered a 2 Door JL Rubicon today and got 5.5% below invoice! White Manual transmission Leather Hardtop Cold Weather If you're looking for an amazing deal talk to Kate Morris at Courtesy Jeep in Coatesville PA Super friendly, respectful, and responsive. Now comes the hard part. WAITING FOR...
  17. 2Dr Rubicon - Good Price?

    This will be my first Jeep as I am switching over from years driving a BWM. New experience for me which I am very excited about. I recently spoke with a local dealership about the 2Dr JL Rubicon. I was quoted a sale price of $39880 from an MSRP of $42,525. Includes 3 piece Black Freedom...