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  1. Mopar 2” lift - springs bowing

    My mopar 2” lift is causing my springs to bow out. is this normal...I figured they should be straight??? What am I missing here...the lift was dealer installed. I’d assume they would have done it properly. Sorry the pics side ways. iPhone issues
  2. Anyone install aftermarket LCA on with a mopar 2” ????

    I recently invested in teraflex LCA’s to go with my mopar 2” lift. Wondering what length to adjust these to??? The teraflex instructions recommend 24-1/4 inches for a 2.5” lift. Which is what the mopar LCA are... that came with the lift. Not sure what’s the best length?
  3. Help make my 2020 JLUR a better driver

    Hello All, Back ground: First time jeep owner as of 20 April 2020. I've owner 7 trucks prior to this Jeep...last truck was a 2015 ram 1500 Issue: My jeep JLUR handles like trash, its like driving a boat(with or without the RTT on the top). drives OK around town but the steering is very loose...
  4. sell me on a light bar mount

    Hello All, Currently looking for a good quality light bar mounts for 50" or 52" bar I'm running 2 Rough country black series cowl pods and would like to include a rough country black series light bar (I'm a big fan of the rough country lights) I've been eyeing the Fishbone's one and DV8 -...
  5. Rotopak mounted to a smittybilt HD pívot tire carrier???

    Hello all recently purchased and installed the smittybilt HD pívot tire carrier (model-7743) on my JLUR. this carrier has 6 bolt hole pre-drilled for a high lift jack mount. my question is has any found a bracket to mount a rotopak in the same location instead of the high lift...