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  1. Future Jeep plans revealed, including next-gen J70 Wrangler EV / REPB!

    It’s good for ifs/irs since it has no traditional sway bars, but it’s not even close to as good as a stock wrangler. Solid axle is still hard to beat for articulation,
  2. Official: Jeep Announces 2024 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Final Edition -- Goodbye to the Grrr-Eight One

    $100,000.00!!! 🤔 HARD PASS. I’ll keep my 2020 JLUR with it’s almost adequate 3.6l at less than half the price.
  3. Future Jeep plans revealed, including next-gen J70 Wrangler EV / REPB!

    Being an owner of both, this is pretty close to accurate. The first sentence is the only thing I think is incorrect. The hardest thing for the EV to do is go from 0-1 rpm. Once the motor is turning it has more than enough torque. It’s really just a change in driving style, rolling into the...
  4. Matt’s off-road recovery Off-road Games. Anybody going and what trails?

    A friend off mine has talked me into going to this event and I was just wondering if it’s popular among this forum. We’re going to have several days before the event to play in the area, so if anyone knows what trails are a must let me know.
  5. MC steering not good?

    A slightly older version of this kit is what I have and I’m using the OEM steering stabilizer.
  6. Mopar 2" Lift: 2 Year Review (long)

    I’ve ran mine for 4 years and 70k miles. It’s been through hell a few times and is still holding up.
  7. MC steering not good?

    Anecdotal at best, but a friend of mine has 3.5 game changer lift and MC drag link and tie rod on his gladiator and his tie rod ends are wore out at 30k miles. I’ve got 70k on Rusty’s tie rod and drag link and it’s still good.
  8. 8+ Months of Travel: Michigan to Cabo San Lucas to Dead Horse Alaska and Back! [Pic and Video Heavy]

    I changed the battery to a lithium and moved it under the bed. I also added a Lagun table. The jack hasn’t been a problem for me. It gets close to the spare going through big dips, but it’s never touched. Whenever I think it might get close I watch it with the backup camera. I moved the battery...
  9. Cummins fine!

    Its not wrangler related, but it definitely is Stellantis related. Wonder what this will end up doing to the relationship Ram and Cummins have. https://www.autoblog.com/2023/12/23/cummins-to-take-2-billion-hit-from-emission-claims-settlement/
  10. Eco Diesel Re-gear

    A friend of mine runs 4.56s and 37s on his gladiator diesel and swears by them. It’s all I got…I have gasser.
  11. Advice for Towing at the limit

    I tow a very similar trailer and I use a weight distribution hitch and a Curt Bluetooth brake controller. Im never in a hurry and keep the speed 60-65 and it tows quite well.
  12. Future Jeep plans revealed, including next-gen J70 Wrangler EV / REPB!

    Yes you can charge any EV on 120v. It cost me $600 to get my level 2 charger installed by an electrician.
  13. What's The Pros Opinion On the BushCraft RIM Winch System?

    Did something like this about 30 years ago only we used barbed wire. Cost me a tire in the end, but we got out!
  14. Boafeng advice

    Way back in the day, a license was required for CB radio. After years of collecting money for licenses the FCC finally decided it wasn’t necessary. Same will most likely happen with gmrs. I know I’ll get some hate for saying it but the government already has enough of your money, don’t bother...
  15. 4+ Years of JLUR ownership - random thoughts

    I was at Jeep jamboree rubicon in 2021 and a Jeep exec on the trip told me going to 37s is when warranty comes into question. I find it interesting how 37s were required for some jamborees, and you must self report that you have them, but if you do you’re probably screwing your warranty. It...
  16. DEF system removal.

    Stick a fork in this one.