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  1. What info you like showing in your upper left and right instrument panel?

    Doesn't matter since I'm too tall to really see it anyway.
  2. [video] Donut: "We Tried Cringe Jeep Accessories"

    When he climbed up that thing, I was waiting to see that window shatter or the ladder snap the drip rail off.
  3. Highest Mileage JL

    Since this thread has been revived, I'll update my mileage. My 3.6L is now at 101k. After fixing almost every possible oil leak on the Pentastar: oil cooler, valve cover gaskets, PCV, and the rear main seal, I'm hoping it'll stay dry for a while.
  4. Best Trolling Threads?

    I swear half the replies from that account are bots. Despite shitting on them repeatedly over the years, they'll still randomly offer me worthless dealership assistance in replies to posts where I'm taking half my Jeep apart to fix things that my long-deceased warranty wouldn't have covered anyway.
  5. Rear Main Seal Replacement

    I've had the pleasure of having to replace both.
  6. Uconnect error 20 on usb update

    I could be wrong, but I don't believe Challenger/Charger radios can be flashed with Jeep/RAM UConnect update files. They've got different update paths and the Performance Pages are likely attributed to builds of the UConnect QNX software specific to those vehicles.
  7. Totaled or no?

    So are you on the hook for the remaining loan balance or is your insurance company going after his for it?
  8. Totaled or no?

    Here's a question nobody asked. Who was at fault?
  9. PA Dealer says they cannot order 392 Due to Carb Restrictions **NO POLITICS**

    Dealers in CARB states can't order ICE-only Jeeps for lot inventory, but should be able to take direct orders for customers. Maybe they changed that.
  10. "Jeeps are the most overrated and terrible cars there are"

    I'm sure she has great takes on a wide variety of important topics.
  11. Uconnect® Navigation Map Upgrade Offer

    I like the UConnect 4 navigation, but it definitely isn't perfect. The biggest issue outside of the ancient maps is the interface to enter destinations, especially through voice. But again, these units are now a decade old and despite UI updates and tweaks, they've aged poorly.
  12. New update for 8.4 Uconnect radio

    According to others who have updated from this version, you should be good.
  13. MOPAR 2 inches lift kit with OEM wheels

    The kit won't be taller in the front than it is in the back, but unless you're slapping it on a 4xe, you're gonna get well over 3" of lift. They shouldn't even call it a 2" lift. I added one-inch spring spacers up front to level out mine and it's still just a hair lower.
  14. Rear side impact question

    I slid off a rock and into the side of another on a wheeling trip and folded my rear trackbar the exact same way, but had the same result. It took one for the team and everything else was fine.
  15. Two years later...

  16. New update for 8.4 Uconnect radio

    Your flash drive is either corrupt or has a file system Windows doesn't like. It needs to be FAT32. NTFS, exFAT, and FAT will not work. If you need help configuring a flash drive to FAT32: https://www.howtogeek.com/902632/format-usb-flash-drive-to-fat32-windows. Also, that's 39.6. I've already...
  17. Correct Rear Bumper for 2018 JLUR?

    Part number revisions such as these can be as simple as a different location where its manufactured. As far as the bumper not quite lining up properly with the bottom of the fenders, that will more or less be attributed to your Jeep. These things don't bolt on with exact precision, especially...