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  1. Arizona LED Switchback Fender Flare Lights

    Diode Dynamics LED fender lights for sport only. They come with resistors so you don’t have to flash it with a tazer, and you will not get hyper blink. $50 Located in Phoenix.
  2. Arizona Switchback LED fender lights

    Diode Dynamics LED fender lights for sport only. They come with resistors so you don’t have to flash it with a tazer, and you will not get hyper blink. $50 Located in Phoenix.
  3. Arizona Entire JL audio Stereo system and 7 inch uconnect

    Entire JL audio sound system for sale. I am trading in my jeep so taking all of this off in the next week. This has everything you need to have a fully capable sound system installed. I paid retail price for everything I think about 6-8 months ago give or take. No damage. If you have a 5...
  4. Arizona Damaged premium Soft Top Windows

    Looking for some Damaged Premium Soft Top Windows.
  5. Arizona Possible Scam Alert

    There is a person on here with username cho55 saying he has a steel bumper for sale for $250. He has messaged numerous members asking for payment to ship it. Each time he gives a different email address. Use caution.
  6. Arizona Sold: WTT Mopar Halogen Headlights for Rock Rails

    Looking to trade my mopar takeoff halogen headlights for your takeoff rock sliders.
  7. Arizona WTB: Steel Bumper Rubicon or Moab

    Looking to buy a steel bumper from either a Rubicon or Moab in the Phoenix area. I am also looking for Rubicon fenders either the plastic colored or granite crystal metallic. Thanks.
  8. Rubicon Suspension

    I am adding takeoff suspension from a 2020 JLUR to my 2019 JLU Sport S. I am having a shop install it as I don’t know a thing about how to install suspension and don’t really have the time to learn. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I need any other parts then whats in the picture? Also I...
  9. Phoenix Area Lift Install

    Anyone in the Phoenix area know a shop that will install Rubicon Springs and Shocks for a decent price?
  10. Florida WTB Front Steel Bumper, Rubicon or Moab

    Looking for a steel bumper with all hardware and skid plate. Preferably fog lights as well. I live in the Tampa Bay area but am moving to Phoenix AZ in a couple weeks and can pick it up anywhere on the way on my drive west. Thanks!
  11. Tow JL on Uhaul Flatbed

    I am getting ready to move across country from Florida to Arizona. I wanted to tow my Jeep with the uhaul flat bed trailer behind the moving truck we are renting from uhaul. Has anyone ever done this? I am running 33’s with no lift.
  12. WTB: Mopar Aux Bank

    Looking to buy Mopar aux bank
  13. Florida WTT: My Grey Dash for you Red Dash

    Looking to trade my grey dash for your red dash. There are no scratches or marks on my grey dash.
  14. Upgrade to Alpine premium system

    Is it possible to upgrade to the premium alpine system taken out of another JL. I already upgraded to the 7 inch and added the speakers just wondering if its possible to add the subwoofer and amp.
  15. Florida WTB or WTT: Granite Crystal Metallic Rubicon Fenders

    Looking to buy or trade for some Rubicon fender flares. I have a hard top I would trade for the fenders plus cash or I can pay straight cash for the fenders. Thanks. Also may be interested in a steel bumper.
  16. Sold: UAA Radio Uconnect 3 with 5-Inch Display

    Radio from 2019 Jeep JLU works and comes with bezel, and HVAC stack. $200.
  17. How much to sell 5 inch uconnect 3 for?

    I upgraded my radio and have it laying around so I figured I would sell it. How much should I list the 5 inch uconnect 3 for?
  18. Florida JK subwoofer and amp

    Alpine SBV-10-WRA subwoofer that is made to fit under the passenger seat of a Jeep JK and the Kenwood KAC M8005 marine 1600 watt amp with all of the wiring and mounting bracket to fit under the driver side seat. Used for about 6 months before I traded in my jeep. $550 OBO
  19. Florida Sold: For Sale: Hardtop $1800

    Hard Top for sale in South Florida. Comes with a little added bonus of all the windows tinted with premium 3M Crystalline tint. Also has freedom panels and storage bag. $1800
  20. Florida Sold: Halogen Headlights, Fog Lights, and Tail Lights

    All 3 pairs are factory, I upgraded mine to LEDs. Asking $250 OBO.