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  1. Name that sound

    Can anyone tell what this clicking/creaking noise is? It seems to mostly happen when I hit small bumps in the road, and I think it’s coming from behind the dash. It’s driving me crazy!!!
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thanks! I drove it for about a year with no carpet and just all weather mats and noticed a slight decrease from that. I also don’t remember hearing a significant increase when I removed the carpet. I have a premium soft top and magnaflow exhaust. I’ve never once thought it sounded loud in my...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    $1,200. They did everything including removing the seats.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally got it Line-X’d. No more dog hair!
  5. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    Did y’all spray the cubby lid? anyone have photos of the trunk sprayed?
  6. Getting the interior Line-X'd next week

    After being caught in the rain too many times, I'm pulling the trigger. My concerns are: 1. Can they spray any of the plastic parts? Like the removable pieces where the doors plug in? Or the subwoofer grill that seams to get scratched up? 2. What are my options for the tub lid and back of the...
  7. Outside Temp reading & Compass

    Oh I have. My first JL was a lemon and I had to get it towed the night I bought it. I think it’s unacceptable they sold me a Cold Weather Package to heat my Jeep prior me entering and it doesn’t work.
  8. Outside Temp reading & Compass

    I’m having the exact same problem. Mine even says 50 degrees when it’s 25 out. Really makes me mad bc I bought the cold weather group specifically for that purpose since I park outside and it doesn’t work. Anyone have a fix? I feel this is unacceptable.
  9. Temperature inaccurate during remote start

    Just ran out and checked it without remote starting first. It’s 29 degrees outside and the Jeep has been off for 7 hours. Started it up and it immediately read 50 degrees again. Which means the seats and heat won’t turn on. Of course the cabin won’t be warm for me, the heat isn’t turning on...
  10. Temperature inaccurate during remote start

    I think you may be misunderstanding the problem. If it’s 30 degrees outside and the temp reads 50, my seats nor my AC will turn on with the remote start. I don’t care about warming up the engine. I remote start so interior warms up. But since it’s in accurate the interior stays cold.
  11. Temperature inaccurate during remote start

    They could put a thermostat away from the engine so it would give an accurate reading of the outside temp. The problem is my ac nor seats heat up during the 10 minutes. So no, it’s not warmed up after 10 minutes.
  12. Temperature inaccurate during remote start

    The whole point of the Cold weather package is to let it idle and warm up. Why would they design it so idling would affect its ability to heat up the inside.
  13. Temperature inaccurate during remote start

    It was night time when it happened. Why would it drop 20 degrees in a minute after being driven?
  14. Temperature inaccurate during remote start

    This has happened a few times now. I park my Jeep outside and use my remote start to warm it up. If it’s below 40 degrees outside, the heated seats and steering will come on along with the AC. However, after letting it start for about 10 min, I get in and the temp reads 50 degrees when it’s 31...
  15. Line-X

    Yeah I called both Line-x around Nashville and was quoted $1500-1700. Is that more in line with most people hear, or is this a deal? It definitely included all prep work and removal of seats
  16. Line-X

    I was quoted $1,500 to do the interior. That includes removing seats and all.
  17. Line-X

    Is it worth it? I have a dog that sheds and get caught in the rain more often than I’d like to admit. What solution have y’all found with the carpeted tub cover? Is Bedtread worth looking into? Thanks!
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally put on my blacked out emblems and matte Rubicon decal.
  19. people who've dealt w/ buy back step inside

    I had been talking to lemon layers online but they said what FCA offered was inline with the law. So I left lawyers out of it.
  20. people who've dealt w/ buy back step inside

    I second this. They asked for all receipts for all my mods. I didn’t have any since I knew early on it was a lemon. But they said they’d pay if I had any.