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  1. CFP tonight

    This Buckeye Alum is hopeful not cocky
  2. What vehicles currently have this engine option?

    already thinking about junkyard spares in the future here
  3. Rubicon -> Sport axle swap. Blinking locker light? Switches for lockers?

    Hello all! im helping a friend prepare to swap in a rubicon axle set to her sport. Complete aftermarket suspension and steering setup going in as well. i see the BLinking locker light problem is pretty common. If that sensor goes bad which causes a light on a factory rubicon but the locker...
  4. 39” BFG MTKM3 pic & info request

    Hi all! over here from the JT forum but I’m looking for some input on people who’ve run them, what your experience has been, how well they fit stuffed and the absolute minimum backspacing I canuse to run these on rubicon axles. planning to run 8.5” non beadlock wheels to keep the weight down...
  5. Axle width on diesels (non Rubi)

    For those of you that got the diesel but not a rubicon, how WIDE are your axles?
  6. 2021 red color option

    I’ve seen several mention this. Almost guaranteed it’s this one
  7. “Big brake kit” vs ultimate D60 axles

    Wondering if anyone has compared the performance of the two.
  8. Who’s gonna be the first with 39-40s ?

    Trying to determine at what point gearing change will be advisable
  9. First real world diesel rubicon mpg test

    How well does the updated 2020 Nissan Titan perform in real-world MPG testing? We test its fuel economy before the official EPA figures are published, and we find out if the 2020 Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel manages at least 29 mpg in our efficiency loop.
  10. 31 mpg on the highway

    TFL just did their standard loop and I believe it’s around 5000’ elevation