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  1. Rubicon Take Offs - Phoenix, AZ Area

    I am in Gilbert, but we can coordinate a pick-up anywhere in the Valley. 4 Rubicon Shocks 5 BFG AT Tires - 9300 miles on 4, 0 on the 5th, with TPMS 4 Rubicon Springs 1 Track Bar $1000 OBO PM me if interested.
  2. Rubicon Rubicon Tires - Phoenix Metro Area

    Set of 5 standard Rubicon wheels for sale with lugs. 9300 miles on 4 tires, 0 miles on the spare. Phoenix Metro Area $1100 OBO, PM me if interested. TPMS included. I will also throw in the Rubicon Shocks, Springs and Track Bar.
  3. Anyone else with an automatic seeing this occasionally?

    I see this occasionally in my JL with the 8 speed auto, anyone else?
  4. What Octane Gas Are You Going To Put In Your JL?

    The owner's manual states that 87 octane is all that is required in the 3.6L V6. Besides the cost of putting in 91 octane fuel, are their any downsides to running it? Could there also be pro's such as power gains, cleaner internals, etc.? I am used to running 91 octane in my Tacoma that I...
  5. Great Feedback!

    So I took my new JLUR to the shop that is going to be doing my lift eventually and stuff. These guys are no joke, all they do is Jeeps and annually build Jeeps for SEMA. Here are a couple of examples... Anyway, they spent over an hour going over the entire Jeep, mostly underneath it...
  6. 2018 JKU Recon vs 2018 JLUR

    Now that the configurator is fully functional, I did some comparison builds between my options (Fully loaded minus cold weather, keyless entry, dual top/soft top, engine block heater, smokers group) and they total within $35 of each other. Other than the leather heated seats in the Recon, I...
  7. New Axles

    So when and how do we get all of the nitty gritty on the new axles? Tube thickness Ring and Pinion size Diff cover stamped or forged Direct comparisons to the 2017 recon axles Wheel backspacing requirements etc...