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  1. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    We're selling Kailani II if anyone is lurking for a Tuscadero.
  2. Idaho 2021 Tuscadero 4xe - $48K OBO

    For Sale: One of 5000 produced in Tuscadero Pearl, this is our 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Rubicon. VIN is 1C4JJXR68MW862502. Fully loaded: ACC 8.4" stereo Towing Group Cold Weather package Advanced Safety We added the steel bumper group. Stock plastic bumper will go with it. We've put newer KO2s...
  3. Starfield - Who's excited?!

    I am. I am one of those who've thanked the stars they bought a Series X for Hogwarts, as it's paying off greatly now. I got the premium upgrade from Gamestop for the patch, and am going straight from work tomorrow to pick up my receipt, then home to hit the stars. Am I the only one excited for...
  4. Have your 2.0T? Post your pictures and impressions

    Yup, sure was! WE ended up trading it in for a Tuscadero.
  5. Trailer brake controller without factory tow package

    You're spot on. And I've noticed there some weird cloud thing, or memory unit within the controller, I'm not sure which. Our first Jeep, Kailani 1, we towed with and used the controller. Kailani 2 comes along(and a new phone), I hook up the controller, and it not only loads the profile we were...
  6. Trailer brake controller without factory tow package

    I have the Curt Bluetooth controller and can vouch for it. It is a bit pricey, but works well and as advertised. Even in the phone loses connection, or if you unplug the controller, it retains 5 profiles.
  7. Bikini Pearl vs Hydro Blue

    Do we have confirmation on the new Bikini(literally called just "Bikini") is actually the Bikini Pearlcoat from 2019-2020?
  8. To 392, or not to 392?

    2.0L or 4xe is perfect for us.
  9. TSB: Higher Gear Ratios (Above 4.5:1) on 2021-22 Wrangler 4xe

    Funny story, about November of last year our 4xe just stopped charging. No charger would work and the dash screen said to "service charging system". The dealership, Peterson's in Nampa, says there's updates to do, but the service manager says not to. He'd seen the updates brick the Jeep. So he...
  10. Update: Considering used 2021 4xe - Food for thought?

    I'll chime in here: We had a 2020 2.0T JLUR and loved it. Then went to a 2021 JLURe. Let's start with towing. The Euro/Aus JLURs are able to tow up to 5500#, but their hitch is a bit beefier than ours. But everything else is the same. So anyone saying the chassis, axles, engine, trans, etc...
  11. V6 versus 2.0L V4 updates?

    Thanks for the update. And if I might add: Told ya so. :LOL: Did you do a write up of your test drives and thoughts that led to your decision?
  12. Seems Like Dealership Sales Are Slowing Down Drastically

    I think it's because the interest rates went up and there's no fun colors. I JUST pulled this from the Sport S build-and-price. Blue and Red and Green have been there for years now. High Tide for at least 6 months... But when I go to the lot I see High Tide x 1, Hydro Blue x 2, and...
  13. V6 versus 2.0L V4 updates?

    I'll chime in here in defense of the 3.6: the JK and JL 3.6s are miles apart from each other. Much like myself, if you're going to spend this much, drive em both like you said you were. Take that time, it'll be worth it.
  14. V6 versus 2.0L V4 updates?

    This is often overlooked.
  15. V6 versus 2.0L V4 updates?

    I'll(yet again) give my $0.02 here. In 2020 we were going to get a Bikini Pearl JLU. At that time I thought the wife would want a better road rig, so I was going to order her a Sahara. The 3.6 is NA and tried and true. My wife said, "If we're going to order one, and spend all that money, let's...
  16. 87 or 91+ octane?

    I've run 89 in both my 2.0Ts.
  17. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    None that I know of. Most of it is the pearlcoat, and how it changes subtley in the light. If you had a GIF of it, it'd show it more. but the micro movements and adjustments we do as humans shows it off. This is why pictures don't do it justice.
  18. Anyone have buyer's remorse for ordering the 3.6 instead of the 2.0 Turbo.

    Did you know @Superchips JL @Superchips_Mrktg made multiple passes at 310 ft-lbs on the 2.0?