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  1. Duplicate post

    Posted twice, sorry
  2. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    Well, I know I’m an old guy and not “kewl”, but frankly the new “specialty” Jeeps are something I totally fail to get. You’ve got the 4XE and the 392. Both cost more money ( a 392 a LOT more money), burn more fuel (4XE is significantly worse than the 2.0 or 3.6 when running the engine). The...
  3. Virginia Jeep wheels/tires-Price Reduced!

    Set of 5 Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator wheels with 5 Bridgestone Dueler H/T tires (8 k miles on 4, zero on spare). Lots of miles left on tires. Wheels are perfect! TPMS and lug nuts included. Located in Newport News. $2O0. You can’t buy wheels by themselves for $40/each! Need ‘em gone!
  4. Some people’s kids...

    Let me preface this by saying I’m an old guy, but stilll. Today wife, dog and I are in our 28.5 ft Class B pulling our JL. Coming up on I-24 north of Chattanooga TN headed for home. We are climbing Mont Eagle mountain (a very steep, long, grade). I’m in the right lane. Ford E450 is...
  5. Saw my first Bronco Sport in the wild

    Frankly not especially impressed. It’ “ok” but looks to be just another cookie cutter SUV. Kind of like Jeep putting a “Wrangler Sport badge on a Compass or Renegade😏. (‘ Course I don’t get the whole “4 dr electric Mustang thing, so maybe I’m just a curmudgeon😏)
  6. Hyline bumpers?

    Anybody running Hyline Off-road bumpers? Sons looking at a set for his JT. They look great, just wondering what actual owners experiences have been with them before he spends that much $$
  7. Hyline bumpers?

    Anybody running Hyline Off-road bumpers? Son is looking at them for his JT. They certainly look nice (ok I admit it, I really like the way they look). Anybody know anything about them?
  8. Great heater😊

    Just had to comment on how fast my 20 JL puts out heat. My driveway is 1/4 mile, and on days with the temp in the low 20’s I’m getting heat before I get to the road. Never, ever, in my 53 years of driving have I had a vehicle that produces heat this quickly. i suspect there’s an electric heat...
  9. Crush cans / airbag operation?

    Dumb question, but will the airbags on a JL operate properly if an aftermarket bumper, with no crush cans? If so, what purpose do the factory crush cans serve? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!!
  10. New bumpers

    Looking at getting new steel (or aluminum) full width front and rear bumpers for my JL Sport S. I want something close in weight to stock, that will work with my LED fog lights and will accept a winch.. Recommendations both pro and con are appreciated. There are a lot of choices and i dont...
  11. Recommendations for full width front and rear steel (or aluminum) bumpers for my JL?

    Looking to get a set o full width front and rear steel (or aluminum) bumpers for my JL. I want something not a lot heavier than stock that will work with factory LED foglights. Also must accommodate a winch. Lots of options available. Anyone have recommendations, either pro or con? Thanks!
  12. Kentucky WTB-Rubicon take off wheels/wheel tire sets

    I’m looking for a set of new or “as new” take offs. They’re going on a ‘20 that’s brand new, so I want wheels that are perfect. Thanks! I’m located near Bowling Green.
  13. “Stand alone” GPS for sale that includes BOTH street AND off road/trail maps?

    Does anybody know of a decent “stand alone“ GPS for sale that ncludes BOTH street AND off road/trail maps? I’m finding dedicated off road units butid really rather have one unit that does it all. I want a bigger screen than my phone. Thanks!