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  1. Recline the back seat?

    Anyone figure out a way to do it?
  2. Mudflaps

    I dig driving in the mud. I like having my doors off. I don’t like mud spraying my interior. Between the solid step rock rail and a trimmed mud flap to close off the gap between front fender and rock rail, this solution reduces the mud on my door by 85-90% without looking too obnoxious. Can’t...
  3. Kikbax wall holder.

    I just made this to keep them off the floor and out of the way when not in use.
  4. Jeep Islander Wrap

    I’m putting down the photoshop and chatting with a car wrapper. The diagonal won me over. I also drew the island of Kauai with personal callouts on it for the hood. Love it, hate it, knock yourself out. Looking forward to doing something about my white blank canvas of a Jeep.
  5. Georgia Sold: 2Dr Rubicon Rails $50

    Got a used 2021 JL with only 3600 miles on it. One of the first things I did was replace the Rubicon rails with a sidestep rail. I seriously think the previous owner never went offroading because the whole Jeep is pristine. The rails look like new. I could ship them but it’d be on your dime...
  6. Georgia 2008 JKU 71,000 miles $19,000

    I bought this Jeep brand new in 2008 because I could fit three car seats in the second row and hit the trails with the family. After 14 years, two of those kids are in college, and I mostly drive by myself. Time for something smaller. This Jeep, affectionally known as the ScoolBz, has many...
  7. Do you NEED this Velcro strap?

    I know Jeep advises to use these straps, and I used them on my JK because, boy howdy, they were necessary to keep all the floppy bits in line and prevent the top from billowing like a pirate’s sail. I get the feeling if they’re not needed on the JL because of the way the top folds. But I’m...
  8. Round 2 Islander Graphics

    Here’s the update, with some different colors. Honestly the more colors I try, the more I come back to the white/blue combo.
  9. Which 2 tone do you like best?

    To me, my white JL is blank canvas in need of some paint. Or in this case, maybe a wrap. Pick your favorite combo. Or hate them all; that’s a fine option too. At some point I’ll pick one to do to my Wrangler, but for now I keep imagining.
  10. JL headlights to JL.

    Any idea if my aftermarket LEDS in my JK can be swapped with the factory halogens in my new JL?
  11. What should I do to my JL that I didn’t know I should do?

    I just got a 2Dr JL yesterday. I also have a 2008 4Dr JK that I modified in dozens of little ways to make everyday life better. Beyond the obvious lift tires, etc, what are the little things done to your JL to make life better?