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  1. Detachable step?

    Can someone recommend a good detachable step that will work with the factory rails on the 392? I need to be able to quickly and easily remove it for off-roading.
  2. Who's Off-Roaded their 392? I have!

    First off-roading with her yesterday. She did GREAT! The torque is a huge advantage. This is a photo descending a hill that is actually much steeper than you can tell from the photo. The climb back up was exciting.
  3. Tires-- White or Black Letters??

    My 392 just came in. I'm supposed to pick it up tonight or tomorrow morning. Dealer sent me photos--it has K02's with white lettering. I don't recall specifying a white/black choice. I'm debating asking dealer to swap them around to black before I pick up. I know that it's personal...
  4. 4xe Power Delivery, Mileage, etc.

    There is some great information on this topic on the "order status" thread. I seems like the interest/discussion level merits its own thread. Here is why I am worried: Background: I just received notice that my Rubicon 4xe order just went D1 and is expected to be here in early/mid March...