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  1. 35 inch tires on stock wheels

    Nicely done. Looks great. What was out the door price at Costco.
  2. cooltech tow harness causing dead battery

    I have the led lights on my 2018 JLU Rubicon (I bought it new) and installed the cooltec harness in 2018(One of the first as it became available) and have never had a battery drain issue or had to use the fix noted above. Guess I got lucky.
  3. cooltech tow harness causing dead battery

    How old are your batteries in the JL (both the big and small batteries) Also , Cooltec customer service is top notch.. Consider contacting them if needed.
  4. cooltech tow harness causing dead battery

    update: my issue was just a bad fuse in the RV(I blew/user error on something else) . This cooltec harness has been going strong since 2018… never an issue.
  5. cooltech tow harness causing dead battery

    What fuse /where should I check. All off a sudden I have no turn signals on tow jeep when plugged into the RV. Jeep turn signals work fine not plugged to RV and RV turn signals work fine. Connections are good. Has to be fuse.
  6. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Nice little addition to the rear of the silver Rubi.
  7. The infamous bubbling paint around door hinges questions

    Yes.. I got it fixed.. Below should assist on Jeep standard warranty
  8. Any reason for me not to buy Quadratec tube doors?

    No .. I still have them black with plate still on them.. moved in to other projects. Actually I will sell them.. $600 for all four. I love them… but not the wife.
  9. California Tube doors for sale . California

    I am sorry I won’t be able to ship. I will be in Northern California Sept 3-4.. I could meet as far as Redding, CA. But that about it.
  10. California Sold: Tube doors for sale . California

    Selling my Quadratec Tube Doors. For a Jeep JL (Unlimited/4 door) or Gladiator. Includes side mirrors. They are in excellent condition. Retail on Quadratec.com is $1,070+ tax. I am asking $700for all 4 + mirrors. If you are interested contact me. Fresno,Ca. Thank you.
  11. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    I would love to. I am in Fresno. Want get up to Huntington Lake/China Peak area. Not sure if I can make it this weekend.
  12. 4H on the highway safe???

    If I am in the mountains going up an down hills, snow on the road, snowing I may wil put in 4H when I feel It is safe to drive 20-30 mph. Any signs of pavement it is back in 2H. I have been doing this for 30+ years.with never any issues.
  13. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    This is our 4th Range Rover. -2000 bought new -2007 bought new -2015 bought a 2 year old one (would still have this one but we got hit and it was totaled) -2021 bought a 1 year old one( replaced the 2015) They all were great vehicles with no problems. None ever had the hood or doors with...
  14. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Don’t give up. My dealership did not have a body shop and had to send it out to get repaired. Call your dealership and ask for the the owner or just show up and ask for the Jeep dealership owner, call Jeep Corporate, and if none of that works call a lawyer. Tell the dealership owner that you...
  15. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Did you ask the dealership why Jeep corporate and many dealerships have covered it throughout the US. Did you show/tell dealership: There is a TSB Known factory defect Quality control issues
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I chose dismantling the PDC rather than pulling the fender off in order to replace an Aux battery. I found it rather simple. I took my time… less than an hour. No problems. For me pulling the fender and putting it back on, breaking clips, etc. was something I had no desire to do. It nice that we...
  17. Occasional DW….

    I went through a very similar issue. The two dealerships in town had no idea how to resolve, told me it was a Jeep thing, etc. No help at all. This went on for months. I ended up purchasing adjustable Lower control arms(get that caster up to 6.5 +/- degrees) , adjustable track bar and taking...
  18. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I have 2018 JLU (one of the first ones). It has just 22,000 miles on it. I had no paint bubbling issues until the beginning of 2022. Then - -driver side hood hinge area on the hood. -driver front & rear hinges. -passenger rear hinges/door area. I went to the dealership with the TSB info on this...
  19. Door nets.. so saggy

    The door nets : even seat nets at the back of the front seats are such a joke. We barely used them.. no heavy items. The elastic in the net material low quality or just plain defective. Also Jeep oem does not offer a simple replacement. I finally just grabbed them and ripped them out as they are...
  20. Lift vs spacer on rubicon.

    Really curious how the Bilstein 5100's made a difference.. more flex, on road off road improvement. After you get some miles on them let us know. I have the same rubicon 2” spacer lift with 37s and still running the stock shocks with extensions.