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  1. 37’s and 38’s

    37s are basically at the very limit of what I believe the Dana 44 R&P is capable of handling reliably. Yeah, you can truss, gusset and change out shafts, but you're still stuck with the 8.5" ring gear. I don't know if 38s would turn your axle into a time bomb, but the extra inch doesn't help...
  2. 37’s and 38’s

    Not OP, but driving over ridiculously large rocks. Larger tires let me drive over larger rocks.
  3. Cut my synthetic winch rope

    Send it. I recently cut the end off my winch line and did a brummel. I suck at knots, and it took me about 45 minutes. Dyneema line is hard AF to cut.
  4. Flooded my 2021 Rubicon in 5' of water. Here's the drying / fix process...

    I think you'll be fine. It will take time, and you might have issues for a bit, but this seems 100% recoverable. I would expect that a lot of the modules are at least splash resistant, and most of the issues you'll run into are shorts in the harness and switches. You might have to run through...
  5. Install rear shock skid plates on JL

    I don't use loctite, but I use locking nuts.
  6. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    I do live in Colorado, and I do frequently drive to some of the highest elevation roads and trails in the country (not many actually make it to 12k), and although I don't have a boost gage, I can assure you performance loss is imperceivable at high altitude with the 2.0. You don't need to...
  7. Has anyone re geared

    I've had zero issues with my 2.0, besides the water pump inlet coming loose at 25k miles. If you're on 37s with stock gears, it's going to drive like dog shit. I drove around town for a week on 37s and 4.10s and I hated it. The 2.0 with 5.13s and 37s is fun AF.
  8. (Another) Axle Locker Thread

    My locker light ended up being a couple of things. 1: My harness was also broke. I ended up scooping a new pig tail and extending my locker harness to fix it, and because the harness was too short for my rear shocks anyway. 2: I think the magnet fell off my drain plug, got chewed up, and stuck...
  9. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Thanks! So yeah, The Wall on Spring Creek is possibly the hardest obstacle in the Front Range in Colorado (definitely the hardest I've wheeled). You're supposed to stay to the right all the way against the tree, but it sure seems like every video I've watched where people drive that line ends...
  10. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I pulled my junk up a rock. If I was a little better driver, I wouldn't have needed to wench, but I just couldn't see the line.
  11. What’s a vehicle you’ve regretted selling?

    I had an Integra Type R I should have kept. I also miss the 86 Bronco I drove in high school.
  12. Jeep Gladiator Driver Shears Off a Wheel in the Devil's Hot Tub, Moab.

  13. Jeep Gladiator Driver Shears Off a Wheel in the Devil's Hot Tub, Moab.

    I'm kinda surprised at how many people here don't watch Trail Mater. Y'all should get on that.
  14. Attention Rock Crawlers - Opinions needed! Mangle underneath!

    It will physically bolt on at ride height, but your new steering stab will become your bump stop. That's a bad idea.
  15. Impact wench advice for control arms

    I use a Milwaukee 1/2 mid torque. A few other people have posted the same tool I'm using. It claims 600 ft-lbs, and that seems about right after using it for a few months. It's done everything I've needed it to. I installed a complete lift with it.
  16. Will you buy another Wrangler?

    No, there's nothing wrong with the one I have.
  17. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I pushed the locker button.
  18. Extending the Rubicon OEM e-locker wire harness

    MOPAR makes a pigtail. The part number is 68500924AA, and it's about $40. I extended mine with that kit and some harness wrap from O'Reilly's
  19. Steepest grade our Rubicon's will climb?

    It's in the Yankee Hill area.