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  1. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    This is of those photos that has an important lesson that you can't quite put your finger on
  2. Need spare tire lift assist mechanism

    Sunhat hanger is a great accessory :)
  3. Need spare tire lift assist mechanism

    I like it! I was working on something similar using my motorcycle lift
  4. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    This is absolutely awesome...
  5. New Vendor - Cascadia 4x4 (High Quality Winch Accessories)

    Not yet, licence plate is still zap-strapped to the bumper unfortunately. Might get to it this weekend along with the other items on the to-do list!
  6. Wheel backspace ?

    Sorry for the late reply, I've been offline for a few days. Yes, in that particular picture the front was up on a rock so the rear is compressed a bit. The angle of the picture looks worse than it is. The Nitto 34" work without a lift on the front but you can stuff the rears at max...
  7. elocker on Sport S

    Very interested in how this turns out. It is on the list for this winter for my Sahara.
  8. Best suspension for high-speed offroad/prerunner Wrangler

    This is basically my goal as well. King Shocks and EVO Stage 3 Overland lift is working well for me so far. I'm very impressed with how it slams along rough backroads and corners on switchbacks. I was originally going to go with coil overs but I'm not good at the patience thing waiting for the...
  9. 285/75r17 on Sahara

    $80? More like $600! And I don't think it is needed. The JK extended bumpers work but for the ones I found I had to trim the insert piece to fit the smaller hole in the JL. Hockey pucks work well to from what I've seen googling "wrangler spare tire bump stop"
  10. 285/75r17 on Sahara

    34" should fit on the stock mount. If you have a tire with different offset than stock you may need to put large rubber bumpers on. I also ended up putting the tailgate reinforcement kit on but I really don't think it was necessary.
  11. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Very good looking rims and tires! I'm running a different size but I'm also at 32psi for on road. I'm sill messing around with tire pressures and haven't found the sweet spot yet. Something to be aware of is that the ideal pressures for your tire is also dependant on the width of the rim. Both...
  12. Jeep wave gone bad

    In adventure motorcycle riding we use to call that the adventurers salute. I think because it always seemed that just after you had finished spending 30 minutes unsticking your bike from 3' of gumbo that another rider would come happily along and flash you a peace sign, a not so subtle dig at...
  13. JL as an Overland Vehicle?

    I think a good pre-check to make sure grounds and fuses and stuff are properly connected will address the majority of the electronic gremlins being reported, and there really hasn't been to many of those. Low-voltage is your enemy on modern vehicles. Also, re-torque the major things in the...
  14. American Outlaw Lonestar wheels with 285/75-17 tires

    I found the stock shocks on the Sahara didn't handle the heavier tire+rim combination well. Upgrading the shocks helped a lot as well as getting extended control arms front and back. I don't find mine "lugs" at all. Doesn't stay in 8th as easy but other wise lots of gears for the tranny to play...
  15. Tires What is everyone upgrading to.

    Ditto, I did 34". I think you can now get these in D rated which I wanted but considering I'm slamming these hard enough to freak out the TPMS system, the E rated might be I need.
  16. Dealer Messed Up Order. Is limited anti-slip differential important?

    One epic wet fall on our farm up by Grande Prairie, Alberta, I got the combine stuck, then the grain truck trying to pull the combine, then the 2-wheel drive tractor trying to pull the grain truck out. Finally had to call the John Deer dealer and borrow a 4-wheel drive tractor to pull everything...
  17. Will big guys fit?

    I sat in the Cherokee while waiting for the prep on my Wrangler and was pretty amazed at how much room there is in it. More roomy than the Wrangler. I'm 6' 4" and over 330lbs and I don't really fit in anything made these days. I don't expect to any more, I just hope for a compromise that...
  18. Dealer Messed Up Order. Is limited anti-slip differential important?

    For the record, that isn't what LSD does. A differential is a torque balancing device, so it makes sure each tire gets the same amount of torque. If one tire is on ice and spinning, there is very little torque possible on that wheel and the differential equalizes torque to the other tire so it...
  19. Dealer Messed Up Order. Is limited anti-slip differential important?

    Is that what happens? I've always wondered why I didn't get the A/T tires. I was going to swap them out anyways but I might have waited a bit longer if I had the A/T tires. The H/T have to be the worst tire I have ever had on a vehicle.
  20. Dealer Messed Up Order. Is limited anti-slip differential important?

    Yup, and with a manual it can be down right dangerous on icy highways. Let off the gas suddenly without depressing the clutch and insta-spin into the ditch. That might not be an issue anymore with modern stability control. That said I always seem to end up getting LSD and on the Wrangler you...