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  1. Picked up my 2024 Willy’s Anvil on Friday

    I've got a 23 Willys JLU XR in Sting Gray. I ordered it exactly how I wanted it. It is my dream Jeep. The ONLY thing I wished I could have done differently was to order it in Anvil, but that wasn't an option in 23. I loved that color on the JKs.
  2. [video] Donut: "We Tried Cringe Jeep Accessories"

    Sorry... I'm kinda liking the widdle wadder (auto correct doesn’t though). I've got a roof rack on my Jeep.
  3. Jeep jealousy

    I keep at least one duck in my dash tray so folks know I'm "Duck Friendly".
  4. How do you guys retire?

    Replying to myself. Is that weird? Anyways, I forgot to mention a major player in my retirement saga... following Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program! When my wife and I got married 25 years ago, I had about $16,000 in CC debt (thanks to my ex-wife) and a truck payment, and my new...
  5. Jeep wave to gladiator?

    Why wouldn't you? It's a Jeep. If it has seven slots in the grill go ahead and wave.
  6. Jeep jealousy

    I've got three Jeeps (46 CJ2A, 98 TJ, and a 23 JLU Willys XR). Wife drives a 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. I've also still got a good 3 dozen plus glow in the dark ducks from Amazon in the back of my Jeep in a box to put on Jeeps. I've also gotten about a half dozen over the last year or so.
  7. Official Reveal: Jeep Concepts at 2024 Easter Jeep Safari EJS

    I want some of that plaid fabric with the little Jeeps in them.
  8. GMRS radio mounts

    You're welcome. Check this thread out (especially post #48 and beyond) - it'll have parts links for the set-up: (1) Boafeng advice | Page 4 | Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL / JLU) -- Rubicon, 4xe, 392, Sahara, Sport - JLwranglerforums.com
  9. GMRS radio mounts

    CB Radio Holder with 20MM ball - Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions
  10. What did you NOT KNOW about your Jeep until today?

    I did not know that! I watched it change as I was driving home this evening.
  11. I can't upload pictures to posts when on forum using my phone anymore.

    I call anything that shows a little picture on my phone's screen that I touch and it brings me to a website/forum an "app". It is probably what you are saying it is. I'm also the guy that typed my college papers on an IBM Selectric typewriter, and thought CDs would never replace cassette...
  12. Looking for help with an unnecessarily over-complicated solution

    Even though I have no idea what's going on here, I will be happy to give a well thought out response to your yet-to-be-asked question. Whenever the OP gets around to it. Even if I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  13. I can't upload pictures to posts when on forum using my phone anymore.

    Not as new; earlier edition. I grew up with one of those Royals in the house though. Later when I first typed on an ELECTRIC IBM Selectric with the lift off correction ribbon I thought I'd hit the big time. And you could change the font by replacing the ball! Kinda like the evolution of the...
  14. I can't upload pictures to posts when on forum using my phone anymore.

    Ok. I googled jlwranglerforum. Logged in, and added a random pic to one of my threads. It worked. So I added this one to my phone, and got rid of the old one on my phone's screen. Other than the icon looking different on the phone it seems the same. Weird. I hope this helps someone.
  15. I can't upload pictures to posts when on forum using my phone anymore.

    Android phone. Never had an issue till now. I can post pics on other forums so it's something with this one. I've tried going back and editing a post to add a pic with no results. I don't know if uninstalling and reinstalling this app will make a difference (that kinda makes me nervous).
  16. I can't upload pictures to posts when on forum using my phone anymore.

    I'm usually on this forum using my phone. I used to be able to pull pics from my phone to add to my posts. Now I can't seem to do so anymore. Other forums will let me, and I can still add pics to my posts if on my laptop. What's happened? And now it just made a liar out of me. Are they...
  17. How do you guys retire?

    Retired Army after 34 years (LTC) with 90% disability. Smart wife insisted we invest into TSP early. Currently working part time for Jeep parts, camping gear and ammo. No debts except mortgage (put two kids through college thanks to Running Start and post 911 GI Bill but still had to write...
  18. I bought my Jeep because...

    I wanted a vehicle I wouldn't be tempted to modify. I wanted a vehicle I knew would go 100,000+ miles trouble free.