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  1. Desert Does It Seat Jackers?

    Has anyone tried the Desert Does It Seat Jackers on a 2024 Rubicon X with the power seats? I emailed the company to ask about compatibility, and they said they hadn't had a chance to check it yet but it "should work."
  2. To the Salespeople on This Forum

    I appreciate the discounts that are offered on here, I really do. And I have been scouring your pages looking for a specific Jeep. A bit of constructive criticism: Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell your IT manager to do something with the incredibly annoying Live Chat feature on all of your...
  3. Cargo Basket

    I saw a youtube video where the Jeep had a cargo basket mounted directly above the freedom panels, aligned side to side instead of to the back. I can't figure out the name, but the size was perfect bc it covered the freedom panel area and left room for a Rhino Rack style rack towards the rear...
  4. Wrangler MOAB Edition

    Does anyone on here have this special edition from 2018-2019. I've been trying to find something that has the limited slip differential and the selec-trac auto 4wd and this edition has both. Plus a lot of other cool features.
  5. Black vs Body Color Fender Flares

    I saw on the builder site that you can add the body color fenders on the regular Rubicon, whereas until recently, that was only on the Rubicon X. What's weird though is that it says "0" for the price, which maybe implies it is on there by mistake? Can any dealers clarify? Side note, why does...
  6. Advice on finding used Jeep

    I am looking for kind of a Unicorn. I want a 2020-2023 Willys 4 Door with the limited slip and the full time 4wd. I have looked on carfax and on cars.com. Can anyone recommend any other sites to help find this Jeep? Thanks!
  7. LSD on 2024 model?

    Is the Limited Slip option completely gone for all 2024 models?
  8. Wiring a winch to Aux switch?

    Since the 2024 Rubicons come standard with the Auxiliary Switches, if you opt for the Winch, will they wire it to one of the Aux Switches for you? If not, how difficult is that to do? Total newbie here on anything electrical.
  9. How much of a pain to remove Rhino Rack backbone system ?

    I am looking at getting a Rhino Rack backbone system for my Wrangler. I am wondering how big of a pain is it to take it on and off if I want to ride topless?
  10. 2024 Rubicon Tax Deduction

    I am wondering if the Rubicon X with the XR package qualifies for the 179 tax deduction as a 6000 pound vehicle. Has anyone looked into this? I thought I had read that the XR puts it over the limit but I can't find where I saw that.
  11. 4WD Question

    Does the new Rubicon X have the full time 4WD option? I saw a youtube video and on the 4wd shifter, there was an option for 4H Auto as well as just 4H. I thought that option was discontinued?
  12. Soft Top Noise

    We have a 2023 JLUR with the premium soft top. For the first couple weeks, there was no noise with the top up. Everything was fine. In the last few days, there is a huge amount of rattling while underway, and then a loud banging noise. It almost sounds like air has gotten inside and is pushing...
  13. Oracle Lights

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Oracle Lights. I messaged them with a bunch of questions and they answered right away. Super helpful!
  14. Rock Deflector recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a good rock deflector to install on the front of the hood to cut down on the chances of chipping the windshield on the highway? Thanks!