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  1. Black and White

    Took a photo out at the beach the other day ‘23 Willys JLU
  2. 500 mile round trip, 24 MPG, averaging 75mph

    Impressed that I got 24MPG with 3 passengers and fully loaded cargo! ‘23 Willys
  3. Post your Jeep in the garage pics!

    Post your Jeep in the garage!
  4. Quick plant transport

    Good use of the 1-touch 🤣🤣 Of course a soft top would also work but not this quickly!
  5. Random: went to DC

    At the national museum of American history::
  6. factory front camera - 1080p?

    I have been looking at adding a front camera on my 2023 8.4 using the Taz Mini and noticed the front camera only supports 480i. The rear camera is 1080p. I completely understand why the front is only 480i due to the pin inputs on the harness. My question is if the factory front camera you can...
  7. Heritage Black & Tan on Sting Grey Willys

    After a lot of searching for a real life Jeep, I finally ordered a 2023 Unlimited Willys in Sting Grey with the black and tan interior (cloth) I'm second guessing my tan seat choice as I'm worried about stains, and I'm finding mixed thoughts in this forum. My main use for this Jeep is weekend...