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  1. What is this for.

    https://www.mymoparparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-ambient-air-duct-68304129aa It provides a pathway for air from the grill to the space under the airbox, so the airbox can get more and cooler air.
  2. Official Reveal: Jeep Concepts at 2024 Easter Jeep Safari EJS

    Problem I have is bigger and stronger axles in concepts. They know people want them.
  3. It's Been Fun

    OK. At least you are leaving on 69 messages. Don't wreck it!
  4. Metal Cloak ball joints vs Dynatrac?

    As much as I hate dumping more into my D44,when stock Balljoints are $225,I would step to teraflex for $300. But, then two sets of those and I am about the same cost as Metalcloak (less if I pay for install). $150 for self rebuildable...seems the Metalcloak are the way to go. I have time with...
  5. Spare tire hoist?

    Maybe something like this? https://www.etrailer.com/Hunting-and-Fishing/Viking-Solutions/310-VMH001.html?feed=npn&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhtWvBhD9ARIsAOP0Gojw36yU_TCt3japRiG-3fCLkEV5r-V0bx37RrdqBx6vCsAuRq6GtjQaAk0zEALw_wcB
  6. Admit it.... how many of you love driving your JL on road with basically no intent to ever do any serious off roading

    I bought my TJ new...because it was 4x4 for winter, and a convertible. Met locals, went offroad...and was set. Ended up with a life break and when I wanted to wheel again, I had to choose between the TJ and a truck, or moving up. Talked myself into a JLUR from the idea of a JK. At this...
  7. Diff Covers

    Appreciate the info since I just bought these diff covers and am at gear break in so about to install. Curious what people think about using lower fill hole, then a tiny bit more once you hit limit through upper hole. I wend Dana for the same reason.
  8. I am feeling my age this morning after installing AEV 2.5 lift

    I got about 4 inches as well. I don't think it's settled in three years noticeably. Great ride, and would choose the same lift again.
  9. What is it with wanting to do an LS swap in a Jeep?

    The 5.7 is my honest perfect engine.
  10. Can you get 5 tires in a jlu?

    Hauled 5 37s in mine, gets a little tricky but it works.
  11. Can 1/2 doors still be ordered?

    Maybe the doors is why it is taking so long?

    Jumped around, saw nothing over hubs for water. What's the time stamp for this deep water I couldn't find?
  13. Build Advice Please (40’s)

    Did you read his post about when he had 40s?
  14. We want to hear from you!

    I feel like the minority saying I love my Jeep in this thread. What I would have paid for that I don't have: 5.7 or hurricane straight six D60 Axle option. If I want to nitpick: Auto up windows. I bought before the XR and paid for gears, should have been a factory option for a long time...

    Only because noone has repped the STT pro yet. They run a hair taller than BFG, not sure on others.
  16. Sold It

    I, for one am glad OP warned us. I'm taking mine to the buy here pay here lot to trade on an 08 Impala later today. Only going to cost me $3400 on top of trade. Getting out while I can!
  17. CavFab JL 2.5 Ton Steering System - Available NOW!

    Late to the party. What is the price?
  18. Dodge Demon 170's For Sale

    Be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.