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  1. The Modern Rebuild: TJ to JL

    Sold my takeoff wheels/tires for $750 and made an impulse buy on the bumper and winch. Decided to go with the Smittybilt XRC Gen 2 and the OVS SCAR 10k pound winch. Installed it on Friday and love the look! Slowly getting where I want my Jeep to be. Next up: Icon Stage 4 lift in the summer!
  2. The Modern Rebuild: TJ to JL

    Roughly 1600 ‘24 Willy’s came out of the factory with the wrong grille. Think they had the wrong part number on the build sheet or something? Recall was issued last month to have them swapped out
  3. The Modern Rebuild: TJ to JL

    Baja Boss AT 35x12.50R17 and Black Rhino York 17x9 put on today. Already got a buyer for my factory takeoffs, so bumper and winch coming soon!
  4. SILVER ZYNITH Wrangler JL Club

    2024 Willy’s. Love this color, reminds me of my old silver TJ. Still lots of mods to add, and ceramic coating it in the spring!
  5. The Modern Rebuild: TJ to JL

    Couple of updates. Got my grille fixed (finally)! Also made a few changes since last posting. Installed Teraflex Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 steering stabilizer. Installed XR fender flares Installed relocation bracket for rear tire carrier to be able to carry 35. Installed Z Automotive Tazer...
  6. The Great 2024 Willys Grille Debacle

    Finally got the recall. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep the old grille to put on my brother’s gladiator.
  7. What Steering Stabilizer are you Running??

    I recently installed the Teraflex Nexus 2.2. Feels great to drive, but for some reason, I have a slight pull to the right after installation. The steering wheel is at about 11:00 position while going straight. Has anyone else run into this issue or have a quick fix? Otherwise, I'll be waiting...
  8. The Great 2024 Willys Grille Debacle

    I also bought a ‘24 Willy’s with the wrong grille and have been in discussion with my dealer to talk about the resolution. Stellantis WILL be treating the issue as a recall. I am told the estimated start date for this is 11/21/23.
  9. 2024 Jeep 2.0 real world mpg?

    How's the fitment/clearance with 35s on the Willys no lift? I think I might upgrade the tires/wheels before my lift kit, but wanted to get some feedback first. Also to contribute to the thread: My 4-door '24 Willys is averaging 17.8 mpg for the first 600 miles. Mostly city, with some highway...
  10. The Modern Rebuild: TJ to JL

    Added a few aesthetics over the last few weeks. Oracle Flush Mount Taillights are such a nice upgrade (probably why they’re so popular). LED reverse lights are a big time improvement over the OEM Halogens. Oracle Sidetrack lights for turn signal/ground lighting. Sweet little addition for a good...
  11. 2024 Door Sill Guards

    Has anyone found any solution to the door seal problem? I got a pair of fishbone sill guards and the passenger side door weatherstrip is being pushed back so there’s a small opening in the doorway. Driver side is lined up almost exactly in the same location but no issue. Looking for any quick...
  12. 2024 Willys Front Grille

    Update: So I bought my ‘24 Willys out of state in NY (I’m in PA), brought it home and called up the local dealership last week to see if they’d swap the grille for the new one that should’ve came with it. They submitted the part/maintenance request for the grille, only to have it sent back by...
  13. Willys 23 or 24 or wait?

    Found it straight through the Jeep website, called the dealership to make sure it was still available, and picked it up the following day. Here’s the link
  14. Willys 23 or 24 or wait?

    I just bought a 2024 Willys off the lot last weekend and I LOVE it so far. I had ordered a manual sport s but with the delays and now strike I just cancelled the order. The Willy’s I got had every package I had in my custom order and was even the same color I wanted. Definitely worth the extra...
  15. The Modern Rebuild: TJ to JL

    For reference: the TJ had a 4 inch lift, 33s on original jeep wheels, smittybilt front and rear bumpers, 10,000 pound winch, 50 inch light bar. The Willys will go above and beyond this, here are my current ideas and plans: Icon 2.5 inch stage 4 lift kit Baja Boss AT 35x12.50R17✅ Black Rhino...
  16. The Modern Rebuild: TJ to JL

    My first car was a 2000 TJ. I sold it 5 years ago because I needed a more reliable car for driving to college. After a long 5 years waiting to rejoin the Jeep family, I’ve officially purchased a 4-door 2024 Willys. Today will start the a modern rebuilding of my original Jeep. Wanted to make a...
  17. Manual Transmission 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Well I caved. I’m impressed by all of you who have more patience than I do. I hope everything goes well with your manual orders and you all get a speedy delivery. I grabbed a 2024 Willy’s auto today (old grille will be replaced soon). Cancelling my custom order tomorrow, maybe I’ll spend the...
  18. 2024 Willys Front Grille

    Hopefully soon they'll give us some information, but they've got a lot going on right now lol. I don't mind the '23 grille but I've grown to prefer the new one. I'm glad they will at least be offering the swap. It makes me less hesitant to buy one off the lot with the older style.
  19. 2024 Willys Front Grille

    I’ve seen this mentioned on some other forums. Is this a statement from corporate or just insider rumors? Going to pick up a ‘24 Willys with the ‘23 grille tomorrow. Just wonder how long they’ll take to roll out the recall swaps.
  20. Manual Transmission 2024 Order Waiting Room

    I’m starting to cave, can’t stand the wait any longer. I’m going to take a look at (who am I kidding I’m buying) an auto Willy’s on Saturday. Has every package that I had in my Sport S order (minus the 3.6/MT) and is a step up. Not canceling my order till I sign any paperwork though.