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  1. JL 2.0L Turbo ECU Tune Development by Eurocompulsion

    Hello!! Any update on tune for 2024? 😁
  2. 2024 Navigation keeps freezing!!

    Mine does that and I've been using the port in the center console like you mentioned. I agree the factory navi sucks and I use Google Maps too most of the time. The factory nav shouldn't be freezing regardless and I made this post to see if others are having a similar problem and possible...
  3. 2024 Navigation keeps freezing!!

    Anyone else having this problem? Started today at 6k miles. Only way to get navigation to start working again is to turn the jeep on and off. Even then it freezes once in a while. Getting annoyed.
  4. JL 2.0L Turbo ECU Tune Development by Eurocompulsion

    Just read all 26 pages. My head is spinning lol. Any tune available for a 24 Rubicon? Also, do you suggest adding exhaust and/or intakes to maximize benefits from the tune or do you feel the power gains from them are not worth it and better to stick to your tune only? Main goal is fun DD to...
  5. 2.0L not available for orders?

    Same as everyone above. Was told they don't know when 2.0 will be available and I didn't want the v6. The turbo is too exciting. Went and found one below msrp at a dealer. Win win situation 🙏
  6. It's that time of year again, what Jeep toys do you want for Christmas this year?

    I want a quadratec light bar but all I see is a lame $25 off, no black Friday sale. 😒
  7. UConnect Bluetooth Help

    I tried that and once UConnect detects Bluetooth it automatically switches on the wifi on my android. My 23 Willys didn't do this but 24 Rubicon does. It's annoying.
  8. UConnect Bluetooth Help

    My commute to work is over 1 hour. Leaving wifi on is unnecessary and drains my battery.
  9. UConnect Bluetooth Help

    Hello Jeepers! How do I keep my phones wifi from turning on at the same time I turn on Bluetooth to connect to UConnect? Whenever I turn off the wifi on my phone the UConnect also disconnects. The only way I can keep Bluetooth connected without wifi is if I have a USB cable connected to my...
  10. 2024 Jeep 2.0 real world mpg?

    22 mpg jlur driving with a light foot
  11. Brand New 2024 Rubicon JLU White 😁

    Just picked her up!!
  12. Desert Does It - We make Seat Jackers and seat mount Molle panels

    Hi. Any big 15% discounts available or sales coming up? Cheers!
  13. California 2023 Wrangler Willys (Almost new!)

    Sorry guys. Haven't logged in a few days. Jeep is sold. Mods please delete. Thanks!
  14. California 2023 Wrangler Willys (Almost new!)

    Price dropped to $37k as I need to leave for med school soon. Thanks!
  15. California 2023 Wrangler Willys (Almost new!)

    Thanks! 4 cylinder turbo
  16. California Sold: 2023 Wrangler Willys (Almost new!)

    Hello everyone, I have to unfortunately sell my 2023 Jeep Wrangler Willys. I've owned it for a few months now and it only has 3,500 miles. It's been garaged kept since new and comes from a smoke and pet free home. The MSRP is $45k and it has $2500 worth of upgrades such as beautiful Katzkin...
  17. My new Leather Seats -- black w/ red contrast stitching and red Willys Logo 🔥

    I can send it to you if you dm me. Thanks!
  18. My new Leather Seats -- black w/ red contrast stitching and red Willys Logo 🔥

    Exactly. I liked that I could get red and black stitching with the Willys logo in Red. Also they're a lot more comfortable and better quality than OEM imo.