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  1. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    Yours is an unlimited wrangler. The 2 door sport does not come standard with a/c. You have to add a/c to the base sport 2 door. Guessing they figure most will just upgrade to the sport S at that point due to the cost difference. Then you can add even more options and make that $30k wrangler...
  2. Would you jump on this deal

    Total buzz kill coming with my reply, but here goes. I would wait a year or so and get your finances in better shape. Whether that is paying off debt or adding to savings for a down payment. Then once those are in better shape I'd go to a dealer you really like and order the exact Wrangler...
  3. Body color tube doors

    Go Blues!!!! sometime soon hopefully
  4. These celebrities' Jeeps are downright FUGLY

    What companies are selling them?? Please let me know. I'm sure other forum members want to know also. I'd love to have a set of them.
  5. Bestop Supertop Ultra Installed

    Just looked at bestop website. looks like 2k. they have a $200 rebate for a couple more days. But no tan. oh well. Have to wait for a forum member to sell one.
  6. Bestop Supertop Ultra Installed

    It looks like the premium soft top that you can get from the factory when you order or buy off the lot. I was wondering when they would be bringing out one for them to sell. Do they have Tan??? And it does look good
  7. Gladiator out, Recon in...back in the JLU World!

    If Sarge was available when I got my Ocean Blue it would have been a very tough choice! Love my Ocean Blue but love the Sarge also. Maybe a 2dr Sarge in the future???
  8. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks for the pix. Are they even darker in person? I like them much better than the tan cloth.
  9. These celebrities' Jeeps are downright FUGLY

    I agree!! Where did those half doors come from and why can't I get them?!?!?!?!?!?
  10. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    any more pictures of your dark saddle interior? would love to see how good the dark saddle looks with the Ocean Blue. Thanks
  11. Alpine audio system

    To the OP, do you have the box that goes in the cargo area for the sub?
  12. what about MPG

    2018 JLU base sport, 3.6 auto, upgraded rubicon rims instead of the base steel rims, stock Goodyear AT tires. I get around 18-19 city and long highway trips I get around 25. I use 87 octane.
  13. 2021 Wrangler updates/changes

    Maybe they will finally release the half door option that was promoted back in 2018. Doesn't have to be the one with the cut out but some type of half door would be appreciated.
  14. First real life look at Sarge Green JL [more photos added]

    if I were to get another JL, it would be a 2 door black and tan model with the sarge green paint. Think that would look really good!
  15. Please clarify the 8.4 4C NAV for me

    If I were you i'd upgrade to the 8.4" and alpine. it gets you a bigger screen, nav, wifi hot spot and a bunch more...along with the alpine speakers. its $400 more at msrp. if you negotiate or go with around 5% off invoice like a lot of people on this forum have gotten its even more of a no...
  16. Please clarify the 8.4 4C NAV for me

    Yes. I believe its called the "infotainment group". Gets you the 8.4" and Alpine speaker upgrade. I believe it is only available on the saharas and rubicons
  17. First real life look at Sarge Green JL [more photos added]

    I like the green in the OP photos. Maybe doing the Black and Tan is a good choice. Gets you a black dash and tan interior and top.