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  1. CavFab Rampage bumper and back up sensors

    guessing the powder coat needs to be reamed out so the oring and insulate it from the steel. I am sure you have resolved this already
  2. Help me decide: decals on Badlands winch?

    what about color matching the body color. that would look sharp
  3. Arizona BOH roadtrip - May 17-20

    Sorry to hear about your dad. It’s never easy loosing someone you love. I’ll be in the Sedona area for tens days starting the 16th of may. I’ll be with a few families so I am not sure if I’ll get to break away but keep an eye out for me lol
  4. Big Bear Run 3X BoH April 13 & 14

    it is. but instead we are headed to LA for the day to hang out and get dinner and the La Kings game that evening. I am all about it. plus a night with out the toddler around will be nice. LOL
  5. Ford Scheduling Update Youtube - Anyone doing something like this for Jeep?

    loved my Ram pick up. cant really go wrong with any of them. I just picked up a new 24 gmc 2500HD single cab a couple months ago for 40K. Its a work truck model so it doesnt have all the bell's and whistles. but its been darn good truck so far
  6. 35's with skids or 37's without

    ive had my EVO skids for about 4 years now. engine/transmission + the exhaust loop cover. ive gave them some love taps a few times and they have held up nicely. as for the OP. I would say the SKID's and keep it stock until the tires wear out. Then upgrade to 35's. I have ran my jeep with...
  7. Popping noise in reverse?

    check to make sure the springs are seated correctly in the spring perch. did you have a re-gear completed to? new drive shaft installed? have a video or sound bit of the noise by chance?
  8. Big Bear Run 3X BoH April 13 & 14

    i am out officially for the 13th 14th. wish i could have made it. Wife opted for that weekend to celebrate our anniversary. oh well. more time to get under the jeep and get my front upper control arms installed.
  9. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Was their two weeks ago in Death Valley to see the lake what i sight to see! Added a second picture of my daughters toy Jeep
  10. Yes, another JLUS Brake Topic

    None. I’ve had the big brake kit for three years and 20k miles without issues . I do recommend the “extreme” pads. They will last a little longer
  11. Yes, another JLUS Brake Topic

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TTPQMXW/?tag=powsto08-20 heres the sport sized NONE upgraded pad and rotor set from powerstop here is the towing and lifted jeep recommended brake kit from powerstop pads and rotors https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TZ1ZXCC/?tag=powsto08-20
  12. Yes, another JLUS Brake Topic

    wish you where a couple thousand miles closer. id give you a full set of sportS brakes for free with only 8K miles on them. Also look at powerstop. i swapped my full system out for their big brake kit upgrade. made quite the difference with the bigger tires and wheels
  13. Sexiest Jeep Alive (2024) FINAL ROUND

    anvil is a great color too. my wife likes the anvil and sarge color better than the GC. I could care less what color i got. I spent two months tracking down a sportS hard top with 6 speed manual transmission. had to drive to the next state 4.5 hours away to pick it up. I do have to say though...
  14. Sexiest Jeep Alive (2024) FINAL ROUND

    LOL!!! I mean you are killing it on the votes though. my vote doesnt matter either way! LOL
  15. Sexiest Jeep Alive (2024) FINAL ROUND

    Hahah right! GC is still the best looking color hands down. Next to sarge.
  16. Sexiest Jeep Alive (2024) FINAL ROUND

    lol thats why i didnt post a pick of mine ahha
  17. Sexiest Jeep Alive (2024) FINAL ROUND

    Had to go with the throw back scrambled. love the retro look! I do like @SadRobot 's jeep but that retro look is solid
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    More like last weekend but we did a shake down on the Jeep with full weight for camping for a couple days. Cruised through Death Valley and got the Jeep rather muddy. Jeep did great other than i forgo lt to geese the control arms before we left -__- oh well. Was still a great time
  19. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    Dealer needs to do a full reboot with the mopar software and NOT drive the Jeep above 10 mph once they reset or it will trigger the service transmission code. Once it’s reset the tazer will be able to marry back to the Jeep and adjust the settings. And you should be ok to go.
  20. New addition to the Jeep family

    Love the earl grey! Congrats on the fresh Jeep!