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  1. BFG All Terrain T/A K02 sold at Costco

    As already pointed, they are nice looking tires, but the rock collecting is driving me nuts. I like quiet tires too, so my next set will either be Good Year Duratracks or Toyo Open Country AT3, but definitely not K02 or K03.
  2. Underground Graphics 392 gets a facelift.

    Honestly, I’m also extremely OCD and the grill color accent being off to the side bugs me big time, especially when the hood decal is perfectly centered. I would remove it and get the middle slot wrapped red and the ones on each side of it wrapped in yellow to keep everything centered. Or, do...
  3. Chirping sound after engine shutdown

    It made no sense to me either, but at home in my garage after putting it in park and shutting the engine off. It would briefly chirp a second or two after shut-off. Last thing I thought it would be was the brakes.
  4. Chirping sound after engine shutdown

    Yup, it was the brakes. I did a brake service where I applied anti squeal product between the pads and clips and all was fixed.
  5. I want to make some upgrades. How should a PRO respond?

    Well, curiously you are proof that older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser. Might be because you were gone for so long. There is a thing now called regearing, which consists of changing the axle gearing to match the new tire size. This allows your Jeep to turn the big tires as easily as it does the...
  6. 35's with skids or 37's without

    I’d be more worried about gearing and driveability than skid plates or not. If you have an Xtreme recon fine, but if not, you’re already undergeared with 35s, imagine with 37s.
  7. Muffler Delete pipe sounds

    Had the dynomax delete pipe for about an hour. My 3.6 was WAY too loud and annoying. The drone had my dog wonder WTF was going-on judging from the panic in his face. Drove right back home, took it off and reinstalled the oem muffler. Took advantage of the fact that my oem muffler was off to...
  8. Tail Gate Reinforcement

    My set-up is mopar reinforcement bracket coupled with the Teraflex adjustable carrier.
  9. When did Wranglers start getting fuel injection and computers?

    Same here, had a 1987 purchased in October 1986 and then a 1990. Wasn’t very powerful, but I had zero problems compared to my buddies with the carbed 4.2.
  10. Have you added up what you have spent on your JL

    I stopped counting at $20G cad ( $15G USD). This does include regear to 4.56, wheels, tires, suspension mods, winch and all details that do add up pretty quickly.
  11. Stellantis just fired hundreds of engineers [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    If at least they would pay more for more competent engineers. But it ain’t so. They can get engineers that suck just as much for a fraction of the price😎 Who’s to blame🤷‍♂️ I know covid as its blames, but normally going on 6 years of a model, all the gremlins have been shaken off. With Jeeps...
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thanks. The bumper is actually the mopar steel without the end caps (stubbied) with Warn mid-height winch guard.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Handwashed for the first time since November to remove most of the winter crap off except for the under carriage and engine bay. That will happen most likely next week 👍
  14. Looking for photos of where the fuel pump is located

    Oh, but I didn’t realize you had posted in the diesel forum. Sorry 🍻
  15. Looking for photos of where the fuel pump is located

    Could be wrong, but the fuel pump is normally located in the fuel tank.
  16. Do you have an AEV Jeep with 37s?

    I realize that taste is personal, but I am pretty anal about rake myself. By playing around with different spacers and fine tuning my suspension, I have found that the best look is when the measurements at the XR lips are identical front and rear. Or at the most, 1/4 inch lower out back.
  17. When did Wranglers start getting fuel injection and computers?

    1986, on the 1987 YJ 4cyl 2.5L engine.
  18. Retirees...a ride question.

    If you prefer a sponge soft Cadillac like ride, your answer is Jeep Gladiator Rubicon FOX shocks. Not the shocks that come with the Mopar lift, but the JT Rubicon ones. The front is direct bolt-on and all you have to do is change the upper rear shock attachment to fit the wrangler. I insist...
  19. Do angry eye jeeps get jeep waves?

    I don’t unless they initiate the wave. And even then I only nod.
  20. JScan, option to enable hood alarm works in reverse?

    Had this happen too a couple of times. Curious to know what others have to say.