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  1. Pennsylvania $50 Factory Rubicon Rock Rails

    Any pictures?
  2. Maryland Maryland: JL JKS front track bar for sale and S&B 2.0L Intake

    Would you be able to add pictures? Thank you
  3. AlphaWolf

  4. Mopar Aux Switch PSA!!!

    Hello All, I wanted to post to hopefully save some of y’all some time, stress, and grey hair. I recently finished installing the Mopar Aux Switches as well as a few 3” cube lights. Took my 2018 JL Sahara to the dealership for the flash. Once the Jeep was picked up, nothing worked...
  5. Help with new all season tires!!!

    How do the KO2’s hold up year around? Tirerack has them as pretty low compared to the others in the category.
  6. Help with new all season tires!!!

    What would everyone recommend that could be used on the OEM 18’s that would add some height and look?
  7. Help with new all season tires!!!

    I am looking at the Duelers to save a little money due to Black Friday sales at Costco. How different would the tread be on the KO2’s you are using. The duelers look quite more aggressive than the OEM treads. From what is being said, I would not be able to use the OEM wheels with these tires...
  8. Help with new all season tires!!!

    Will these fit a 2018 Wrangler Unlimited JL Sahara? DUELER A/T REVO 3 LT275/70R18 LRE OWL ALL TERRAIN TIRE Looking to beef up the look of my currently stock Sahara, and thinking of starting with the wheels.
  9. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    Hey everyone, Looking for some help. Considering buying used rims and tires for my 2018 JL Sahara. The set I am looking at is LT315/70/R17 (34” tire) Nitto Terra Grapplers G2 tires with TPMS (tire sensors). Trying to figure out if these will fit on my stock JL with no lift or spacers. Wheels...