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  1. Am I screwed?

    I'm still within the Powertrain warranty - that's the painful part of not realizing I HAD to bring it to the Jeep dealership.
  2. Am I screwed?

    Think my extended issue with the Death Wobble could have caused the camshaft/rocker arm damage?
  3. Am I screwed?

    Can afford it, just don't want to! It just conceptually chaps my a$$.
  4. Am I screwed?

    Because the dealership tried to fix my death wobble last year, 4 times. Brought it to the "indy" shop who fixed it for $150.
  5. Am I screwed?

    $2,096.04 to replace an intake camshaft, rocker arms, lash adjusters, etc. on my 4-year old JL. I brought it to my preferred repairshop who is more capable than the local Jeep dealership (who stills puts too much oil in the engine). But because of that, it won't be covered under the Powertrain...
  6. Finally fixed my death wobble!!

    Thanks man - much appreciated!
  7. Finally fixed my death wobble!!

    It's been a while since I've been on the Forum, but the Death Wobble brought me back! I'm at 50K miles with all factory parts (the ones that matter for this) and all-terrain wheels. I took a trip from my home (WI) to Philly and experienced DW for the first time, all alone. Man, it freaked me...
  8. Which grille insert should I get? Help me choose!

    Under The Sun Inserts - they were fantastic to work with. Just sent them a pic and they did the rest. Great customer service.
  9. Best Dash Cam?

    I was thinking I don't care too much about parking mode, because I do not generally leave anything valuable since I leave the top open so much. So I'm thinking the hardwire kit is overkill and I see myself detaching the camera often and putting in my secure console.
  10. Best Dash Cam?

    Great idea! Yeah, I don't want it on the windshield. I was looking at one that hung from the rear view, but then it is in my sight and likely sits too low for a camera angle then. I'm gonna go with your setup; beautiful. I am ordering the DR750-2 CH LTE, and putting the back one under the roll...
  11. Best Dash Cam?

    Great info, thanks man! I seem to start simple, realize it could be better, then upgrade. So I should really consider all of this, but I don’t know if I have the electrical knowledge to pull off improvisations.
  12. Best Dash Cam?

    Did you hardwire it? And if so, was it easy to do? Any other worthwhile accessories?
  13. Best Dash Cam?

    Gonna check it out, thanks so much!
  14. Best Dash Cam?

    I did contemplate that. If it is stolen though, I assume you have no chance of figure out who because the images are on an SD card and not in the cloud?
  15. Best Dash Cam?

    Looking for some suggestions/recommendations! I'd like front and back dash cams that are easily detached for safekeeping. We go to a ton of kids' baseball tournaments and don't want to leave them out for easy taking when the top is down. I'm not worried about what happens while I'm parked I...
  16. Downsides to no LSD on 6 speed?

    Lol. Definitely stay away from the brown.
  17. Downsides to no LSD on 6 speed?

    There's only one type of LSD I'm aware of and it doesn't cost nearly as much as you are all talking about, and it comes in many forms.
  18. Front Door Hinge Bolts Not Going In

    Once I did this, I'd never go back to putting them on. So much easier to remove the doors on a whim.
  19. Is my hood normal?

    ..she asked.