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  1. Need Guidance--How to Wire Cube Lights to Aux Switch

    Coming from the side you plug into the lights, Cut the wires right before the fuse/relay as you don’t need it. Take the now 4 wires you have (2 black, 2 red) and combine the blacks together and reds together. Run that straight to the aux connection under the hood. Connect the red wires to one...
  2. Spare Tire Brake Light

    It’s paper thin. It won’t be crushed and if you get one that’s got the plug and adapter you plug it into third brake light plug and it splits off to power both brakes lights so you never worry about it again
  3. Can the Pentastar 3.6L VVT e-torque Performance benefit from Premium fuel

    It’s actually could hurt something. The engine is tuned for 87. Putting in higher “grade” fuel will cause the cpu to adjust parameters to out put the same performance of 87. So you are making your car and computer “work” because you put in the wrong fuel. There was a study not long ago where...
  4. Terrible throttle response

    I I have a 22 Willy’s so I do not have that mode however I figured out what is going on. I am use to my 2004 wrangler and the new wrangler have electronic throttle per se. It’s not a cable running to the throttle body like the old wranglers so there is a delay with the new ones mainly because...
  5. Maryland 2021 Rubicon OEM 2dr rock rails

    Hello I am in ocean city and would be more then happy to make this trip if they still available
  6. Interior mount windshield light bar in Amber

    I have the quadratec j5 light bar and love it
  7. Strike Four, You're OUT

    Sounds like you have a parasitic draw somewhere that is draining your batteries
  8. Using manual shifter to get into 8th gear?

    No you will not see better gas mileage you will in fact see worst because your transmission will be in a gear that’s to low for engine thus it will require more fuel for the engine to hold your speed when you forced it into 8th. I have a 2023 Willy’s manual and as we all know the gearing is...
  9. Top Amber Lights

    Look man I am a firm believer in if you like it then rock it. I can’t stand those angry grills but other people like how they look. I’m not gonna bash them for that. I have the quadratec j6 light bar that also has amber led in it just like that. Does it serve any functional purpose? No, it does...
  10. Diff Covers

    Be careful. Contrary to popular belief, diff cover are not just a cover to hold the fluid in and protect gears. They inside fin design is vital on how the diff fluid flows and lubricates the gears.
  11. Hit and Run (with video) & help needed with part numbers - Don't need help with part numbers any more

    Why not just contact their insurance directly they will have you take it to a shop to get appraised and then have them cut you a check and do the work yourself

    Somebody is just using a click bait post on this forum to get some YouTube views as that was not a close call what so ever as every comment has said the same
  13. Turning in 4H

    OP my god just read the manual before you push all the buttons and pull every handle and knob. I get your excited but your gonna break something royally bad.
  14. Best place to ground light wiring harness

    It’s doesn’t matter where you ground. Just pick one. You could go to negative battery terminal. You could go on the frame anywhere. There are a bunch of 10mm bolts under the hood around the edge that I have used. Literally anywhere. You may be over thinking it a bit
  15. Bolt hood lock / Hate the look

    Hey if your looking to sell the grill you cut up I will happily buy it from you
  16. Light bar wiring without factory aux switches

    I would highly recommend getting a switch panel. I was gonna run a single switch but I decided to spend the 250 and get the panel and boy am I glad I did. It goes where the aux switches would go and has 6 buttons. It’s worth every penny. As for running the wire, the firewall is best but it is...
  17. Wiring roofrack lights to engine?

    fold down the windshield and you can run the wire inside and down the A pillar then out the bottom of it to the engine. That’s what I did with my roof light bar. No drilling or cutting required
  18. 2022 JLURD/29k miles/Engine Warning Light ⚠️

    Where are you getting transmission problems from? Did a message come up or something or did you mistake the check engine light for a transmission light? If you mis took the error light, I would buy a $20 code scanner and see what code it’s throwing. Could be a simple easy fix. I would, however...
  19. Do i need to lift my 2021 Willys to put 35s?

    Seems odd consider I have a 2022 Willy’s with 35s and no lift. Off road just fine. Unless I am doing something with extreme flex required you absolutely don’t need a lift

    Pour water on it. If it goes away then comes back when dried it’s just a clear coat scratch. Those are very easy to fix