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  1. C vs D or E

    I have Falken M/T load range C on my Rubicon and am considering the same in load range E when it comes time to replace them. E tires typically have 4 additional belts and the sidewalls are stiffer which can equate to a harsher ride, but harder to puncture. Thoughts?
  2. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Chatter is bad over time because in essence the wear of the clutch disks will be accelerated and require replacement sooner than they should. On other forums, I have seen where Amsoil was used in LSD axles and there was no chatter. Note this from Amsoil Slip Lock friction modifier description...
  3. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    FM should not be required with Amsoil as it already contains it. I would give it a try without to see if you experience any chatter. If you do, add a little at a time because too much FM can cause the clutches to slip too much and essentially become an "open" differential.
  4. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    @VNT - sorry I missed seeing this before. Have a look at this thread and it will give you an idea. I have MC covers to install in the near future and the rear sensor location is fine and works well. I have not been in 4x4 enough to know if the front location is optimum since the oil is pushed...
  5. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    The FAD is the reason the front does not generate much metal--the driveshaft and ring/pinion gears do not turn while in 4x2 mode.
  6. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    The very nature of axle operation and the shearing forces that are at work tends to keep the particles in suspension versus settling out, though magnetic drain plugs help capture some of that metal as noted in the before/after photos of my rear axle drain plug (both OEM plugs are magnetic). At...
  7. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Gotcha. There are only 3 that I know of: Amsoil - Ravenol - Red Line -
  8. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Lots of companies make 75W-140 (; only a few make 75W-110.
  9. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Ford 9" rear ends come to mind and could explain why many of them never had an oil change :P
  10. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    My last few 4x4's had ELD and have not had LSD, but that looks like a fair amount of clutch material (if that is what it is) and makes me wonder if that is why there have been a number of LSD axle failures reported here. Here is what the oil in my M220 (electronic locking differential) looked...
  11. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    I would up the viscosity in the rear to 75W-140 and the front to 75W-110 (which was the upper viscosity that 75W-90 used to be before the SAE J306 tables were updated some time back). The CRAZY thing (at least on my axles) is that I have the towing package on my Rubicon and an M220 rear axle...
  12. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    I dumped the factory fill at 5K and tested it at 10K ( I plan to test it again at 15K to see if the iron has dropped substantially and if not, I will OC it again. In most axles, the majority of the wear...
  13. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    Fully agree and thank goodness there are a few like yourself who still have it!
  14. Through shaft stabilizer

    I did not like the look of it and though there is likely not a lot of pressure on it, I wanted a heavier duty bolt than the one they supplied and the flange of the pan head does not cover much of the stabilizer end.
  15. Through shaft stabilizer

    I replaced that pan head bolt with a serrated flange bolt ( and an oversized washer ( I have 9 of each left over; if you want one, PM me your address and I will mail one to you.
  16. Through shaft stabilizer

    I ordered MC steering stuff on sale this weekend to replace my OEM stuff. I did not realize it when I bought the Synergy steering stabilizer relocation kit, but it was for their tie-rod which is 1.5" diameter versus the OEM and MC which is 1.625" diameter. Everywhere I checked the correct size...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a Metal Cloak FAD Skid Plate and a Fox 2.0 Steering Stabilizer. Definitely an improvement over the OEM stabilizer and very happy with the overall quality. New Baja Design lights should be coming in within the next week, so that is my next project.
  18. Metal Cloak or Synergy?

    Hopefully, this has not been asked more than a few hundred times :). While I am not considering installing a lift kit or larger tires (yet), I do want to start upgrading the steering and some suspension components. I installed a MC FAD skid plate today along with a Fox 2.0 stabilizer. While I...
  19. Installed MC FAD Skid + Fox 2.0 Steering Stabilizer

    Between the rain storms today I installed a Metal Cloak FAD Skid, Fox 2.0 Steering Stabilizer, and Synergy Relocation Kit. I have to say the MC piece is a beast and is at least twice as thick as the OEM and covers far more and installed with no issues. The Fox stabilizer is very nice and feels...
  20. Differential Oil

    I would pull the covers on the initial OC if for nothing else but to inspect everything. I do it to also clean out any "goo" which collects at the bottom of the housing. Both of my axles had rubber coated metal gaskets which were reusable. With that said, as JDLouisville stated, you do not need...