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  1. Rubi steel bumper fog light bezel pins

    Get this from Harbor Freight - tool and assortment of poly rivets
  2. Are paddle shifters too much to ask?

    My wife’s Outback has paddle shifters. She had no idea what they are. She accidentally downshifted once, thought she broke car. I like the Outback, but it’s not a WRX. Not needed in an Outback, nor In a Wrangler. At least not for me.
  3. What would you pay for Proximity Lock Post Sales Install Guidance?

    The install has been covered on here in several threads. The handles contain no RFID readers. They sense changes in capacitance and are WIRED to the door harness. There are 5 antennas, one center instrument panel, one each B pillar, one each rear quarter. Saharas and Rubicons already have...
  4. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    Already been done. They cannot do it. Also, they do NOT have the ability to activate blind spot monitoring. They sent me a beta firmware version to test blind spot. No go. Blind spot is not plug and play. In addition to the radar modules. mirrors, taillight harnesses, one would need...
  5. Glove box/console locks

    Will any JL key open or are these key-specific?
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed Redline hood lifts. 1. Shipped in a sturdy tube, well packed, decal and instructions. A+ 2. Well designed. A+ 3. True, 5 min install using existing holes/hardware A+ 4. Works fantastic. One of the most useful mods you can do!
  7. TazerJL Feature Requests

    Ability to enable autodim mirror I added correct harness and mirror. Mirror has power and the SOS/assist buttons work (well, can’t get FCA to add Guardian as my “Jeep was not delivered with this option”) The autodim mirror option does not show up in uconnect. I would think this could be an...
  8. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    Yep, no go, Defjnitive! This was my experience last year. I did not speak to engineer, but dealer was adamant “not happening”. Yes, you can by all the parts and easily install (if you are mechanically inclined). Until some third party can A) add sales codes to vehicle (they’ll never update...
  9. Selling a leased Wrangler

    A thorough, profound, highly discriminating, ultra-meaningful purpose. I would of ;) thought everyone new ;) that....
  10. Rubicon LED with NO Blind Spot Detection Question

    Nope. I spent at lot of time on Tech Authority, reviewed the system operation and wiring diagrams. I don't believe there is a sensor module, just a wire that detects that door off. If you have the right harness, the wires are there. Also, the radar signals go through the star connector...
  11. Blinded by the Shifter

    Wow. For once I'm not the only one. Same non-problem here. It bothers me on every sunny day, but sun and direction have to be just right, then the chrome ring reflection is directly in my field of vision. Not glaring or blinding, but a minor annoyance for sure, usually noticed when driving...
  12. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    They are valid. The last two letters of all Mopar part numbers represent mod/version. Just remove the letters and search. However, I tried several sites with/and without the last two letters. Did not matter, all searches returned a match for the correct part. As far as Mopar site? Well...
  13. Questions on JLU Sport adding Rubicon front bumper and LED fog lights

    Lots of threads with answers to many of your questions. I know, because I used them. Here is one: 1. You can buy the bumper as a stubby, with extensions, or in pieces ("repair parts"). 2. If you are...
  14. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    Correct, for the rear door: Handle, handle "cap", jumper. I've done this. For the front driver/pass the entire door harness would need to be replaced. Rubicon and Saharas (at least up to my build day of April 2018) had the 5 antennas installed and wired. I verified. But, I have not had...
  15. Lumbar knob removal

    Great! Any pictures? I'd like to see someone's DIY in progress... Or even just a simple "these are the gotcha areas to watch out for". Is Touch-ups an online seller? How is their pricing?
  16. JL owners be warned! Rear camera cover snapped during tire rotation

    I can’t speak for op, but every dealer I checked with in my area wants me to leave Jeep all day for Wave free oil change/rotation. Loaner may be available. First come first serve. Can’t be bothered. I do it myself. I installed a fumoto valve, don’t even need a wrench for that anymore.
  17. Updated 7" to 8.4" but how can I update software?

    Unless some enterprising 8.4 owner makes the download available for download (there was talk of this months ago, but went nowhere), you are left with what the dealer will or won't do for you. The dealer has the ability to contact FCA and modify the Sales Code Data for your JL to include the...
  18. Rubicon LED with NO Blind Spot Detection Question

    Yes, I was already buying the BSM mirror, the price difference was negligible.
  19. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    Quadratec Hardrock gunmetal. Similar to OEM JK, but deeper dish.
  20. What's inside the side mirrors?

    Those are eurospec turn signal mirrors. You can buy the complete mirrors or just the covers and turn lamps, if you choose to retrofit. However, depending on trim level, wiring to turn signal may or may not be present. There is some void space behind glass.