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  1. Jeep humor waiting room

    Have you shot up your freezer yet?
  2. Jeep humor waiting room sealant and inflator? No spare? No cell service? Jeez...long walks suck.
  3. Jeep humor waiting room many sheets of drywall will it hold?
  4. Jeep humor waiting room

    Ok, moderately vertical and beginning caffeination protocol. Further updates as needed.
  5. Jeep humor waiting room

    Well, kind of....but nothing you'd want to put a black diamond on in the winter.
  6. Jeep humor waiting room

    Gardening and yard work, interspersed with a nice nap. Waiting to see if the weather gets tricky. This hot humid unstable crap does ugly stuff in this zone.
  7. Jeep humor waiting room

    Just checking in here, folks. Looking at a week of hot humid unstable outings or activities planned for Memorial Day.
  8. Jeep humor waiting room

    Consider this...about every two months I have to trim this guy on the right's beak. He has a malocclusion and it overgrows on one side. His beak has a closing force of around 2400 psi.
  9. Jeep humor waiting room

    Hoppy Saturday!
  10. Jeep humor waiting room

    Around that airport, I bet a bunch. Here in my area, a traffic jam is if two combines meet on a gravel road.
  11. Jeep humor waiting room want social distancing?
  12. Jeep humor waiting room

    They say you're only as old as you feel. Anybody else in here 167 years old?
  13. Jeep humor waiting room

    I wanted the front seat...on and off quicker. Weirdo.
  14. Jeep humor waiting room

    If I were building it, I'd want full fenders and bumpers, and about 4" less lift.
  15. Jeep humor waiting room

    Only reason I know is that I've been Jeeping so long I've owned both of those. Had a '49 Willys Wagon, $500 in 1970, and a '69 Commando, $900 in 1976.
  16. Jeep humor waiting room

    scuse me...not a Jeepster. That's a Willys wagon. Here's a Jeepster.
  17. Jeep humor waiting room

    Nother cloudy day here...serious shortage of sunshine so far this spring. Also, it manages to rain exactly on schedule to prevent mowing the yard when needed. It's either just cut, wet, or shaggy. Oh, terrible... In other news...major discussion in the GenPop area, concensus is that black...
  18. Anyone regret choosing black paint?

    In the end, it's totally taste and priorities. Black shows dirt. If that bothers YOU, dont get it. Me, I like my black Jeep, and dont care if it shows dirt...but I'm a notorious car slob who hasnt washed any vehicle in 30 years or more... I do think the black paint looks tight with black...
  19. Jeep humor waiting room

    Forgive me, but...that crowd is also one of the segments of Jeep community. Take a scan of Jeep related stuff on eBay, and you'll see plenty of "yeehaw let's get crazy" or "look how horny I am" stuff that at least claims to be typical....not judging, and not painting broadly....just pointing...
  20. Jeep humor waiting room

    San Diego? "Sailors and dogs keep off the grass, Marines get back in the barracks." Although, it was nice that patients fron Balboa got into the zoo for free.