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  1. 2H vs 4H

    Also you have the Sahara, doesnt that come with 4W auto? look for a video on that. to make a long story short you can keep it in that mode but you will consume a little more gas.
  2. 2H vs 4H

    Youtube can be your best friend. Below explains how it functions and what it is used for. You can youtube more stuff in regards to 4WD.
  3. Book of Dealership Horror stories

    if your O-ring went out you would know. But the O-ring on the filter cap is suppose to be replaced every oil change though. I did my oil change was done at 15kish
  4. Book of Dealership Horror stories

    Thought this would be appropriate subject title considering what month it is. First I'd like to say that I don't believe in bad dealerships/Service Departments I believe in just poor work integrity or work ethics or something along those lines. Regardless I am sure you get what I mean. I'd...
  5. Battery/Stop-Start Issue

    Just gonna drop my 2 cents on this. But I’ve only seen this “protection mode” come up when my iPhone is plugged in and it gets fully charged. And the only reason I would have it plugged up is because I’m using CarPlay. I haven’t had any issues when this comes up and personally I just take as the...
  6. Jurassic World 3 Dominion- Jeeps are Back!

    Thank you for this post I’m a big fan of the JP JW franchise. This post just made me real excited both for the movie and owning a Jeep!!
  7. California FS Rubicon Rims Orange County

    bump these are still available
  8. Let's be careful out there, folks: Woman Ejected As Jeep Rolls Down Switchbacks On Bridal Veil Road

    Reading this brings me chills. As a person who has survived being ejected out of a car I agree it may have saved her life with the way that Jeep ended up.
  9. Pairing IPhone

    Very odd, yea I’d take back to the dealership as this should be under warranty.
  10. Pairing IPhone

    when connect via USB are you using a aftermarket cable? I’ve read that using an actual Apple cable fixes that issue. As for the pairing it’s a little odd. I’d have to see whata happening to better understand
  11. Pairing IPhone

    I’d further escalate the issue with the dealership especially if you’re still under warranty.
  12. Servicing Specifications & Intervals

    I feel like if you searched or looked under the power and tech forum threads you should be able to find this information. Some of it might even be pinned at the top of those threads. You can also download the Jeep or Mopar app to pull up the owners manual. I also believe it has its own section...
  13. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    It will turn off after a min or two after turning the car off
  14. Is Superchips Necessary?

    I second @Spank comment reasoning. And it doesn’t matter which you get... super chips, tazer and one other one. They ALL have the same COMMON function to calibrate your Speedo and gears.
  15. How much do dealerships charge to flash software?

    The flashcal superchips can make these changes as well.
  16. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    When the car is on do you see the blue light on the sub? I’d double check all the wiring is correct in addition make sure that the RCA (red white plugs)cables are connected correctly And Nothing pinched when bolting down the seat again. If everything seems to be ok— disconnect the entire kit...
  17. Aftermarket Stereo Pro/Con

    The Jeep speakers are actually pretty good it’s the stock radio that does not provide enough power to fully utilize them. There two ways you can go about this. Going aftermarket HU will give you a little bit more power out of your already decent speakers. And it will give your JL a slight face...
  18. Need info on a recall

    If you download the Mopar or Jeep app on your phone and create account usually it will show you any recalls etc. almost will keep track of any maintenance records from the dealership
  19. ESS does this happen to anyone else?

    I’m sure you’ve figured this already but I’m willing to say that the reason for it starting back up is that it’s cooling the cabin.
  20. One-Touch Roof Not Removable?

    you can’t remove the top but the last two windows can be removed. Believe there is a YouTube video on it.