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  1. Is there a way to reduce turbo lag on the 2.0T?

    Cool story bro. Go tell that guy with the Sahara what to do then.
  2. You Get What You Pay For..

    right back atcha bub
  3. Is there a way to reduce turbo lag on the 2.0T?

    Agree with you entirely on this, I see people talking about performance loss with the rubi wheels on the stock gearing. I can’t imagine adding another 4 inches on is going to do any favors. As to real actual person that started this thread 5 pages ago, I still think he was mistaking lag in the...
  4. Is there a way to reduce turbo lag on the 2.0T?

    Different conversation dude. Not the OP of the thread, another user named Milt, with a Sahara, and 37’s. I dunno, read the posts above maybe? I didn’t think it was that difficult to follow.
  5. You Get What You Pay For..

    I get it, that old folksy I don't care about no safety because that there government done ruined my fun because people getting hurt costs us all money. It's cool. I liked to pretend I didn't care about stuff when I was a teenager too.
  6. You Get What You Pay For..

    If you hit a pedestrian that ends up in the morgue, you'll start caring very quickly.
  7. - Led Premium Headlights - Yeah or Neah? - What is your thoughts?

    The model 3 was tested by the IIHS and got a good result, out to around 200/350 on the low beams and 550ish on the highs. Great headlights, when I drive on dark roads I have great visibility. 2020 Outback with active LED's tested similar. Both vehicles got a good from the IIHS. The Wrangler...
  8. Poll: How important is a shovel in your 4 wheeling recovery arsenal?

    I don't know why you wouldn't carry one, they don't cost anything, don't take up much room, and they can be really useful. Heck, maybe you see a cool half buried rock you probably aren't supposed to collect. Shovel to the rescue. Or impromptu sand castle.
  9. Is there a way to reduce turbo lag on the 2.0T?

    The original poster had a Sahara in his profile, not a Rubicon. Big difference.
  10. 2.0 without eTorque drivers: how is your experience with the Jeep's A/C?

    We live in Houston and the AC works fine, hardtop, no headliners. You do notice the air warming up a bit when the ESS kicks in. Not enough to bother me, but enough to notice. Of course, if it bothers you can always just turn it off. Most vehicles are still using belt driven compressors, so...
  11. Ursa Minor?

    Jeesh, 800lbs, I hope most of that is packing material!
  12. Roof Top Tent (RTT) Questions

    Ours isn't a daily driver, so no real need to take it off. But if you needed to remove and store it all the time, that would be a massive pain. I added a hoist in the garage to store it, but haven't taken it off. Also means the Jeep can't go in the garage anymore and you had better pay damn...
  13. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    Man, be nice to your transfer case. I don't think holding the brakes and trying to do burnouts is helping matters. You really need to do your testing on loose pavement somewhere. I don't know what is close by, beach/dirt road/loose gravel parking lot. You don't have to get crazy about it, if...
  14. Roof Top Tent (RTT) Questions

    #1 - You could absolutely easily find 99% of this info on one of the many many many articles discussing RTT's online. I'd suggest you do some reading and narrow down what you want. We have a Hybox, which is a 2 person hard top pop-up tent. It may be going back because the build quality doesn't...
  15. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    You may not notice 4H much on the throttle, but you will in the handling. Try a tight turn (again, soft surface). Ask the tech to walk you through it, they should be willing to do that to avoid a repeat visit. Lift may not be a good test for some reason. Or they may find the issue walking you...
  16. Yeti coolers at Sport Check or Atmosphere.

    I decided to try this in my driveway with my 40 quart Alpicool at 37F in eco mode, it did a smidge over 24 hours and shut off on the high battery protection setting. Not bad, but probably not good to deep cycle your starting battery like that very often. I have the 65ah (non-towing package)...
  17. Need Advice: Order the Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle on 21 JL?????

    Ours has one, mostly because I like them in the sand. Also, if you aren't planning to upgrade immediately you get the AT tires. They aren't the Rubicon KO2s, but better than the stock street stuff. I definitely prefer it to getting stuck on the beach somewhere because a couple of tires lost...
  18. Yeti coolers at Sport Check or Atmosphere.

    You don't need a generator. You don't need an inverter either unless you have something you need 120V for. You literally just need a 12V battery, female 12V socket, some wires, and something to charge the battery with. Plus you can use all this stuff to charge phones and run 12V lights. You...
  19. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    I wouldn't even worry about 4L until you can figure out 4H. Go find a gravel or dirt road somewhere, make a tight U turn. Shift into 4H while in D and moving, give it a moment to sort itself out, then make a tight U turn again. It will be night and day. I'm not sure if the jack stands is a...