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  1. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    update from the dealership: So apparently they opened the front diff which was full of water. As a result, I stripped the "LEFT AXLE SIDE GEAR" which I believe is the ring&pinion in the front differential. I guess this is the opportune time to upgrade into 4.88 gearing for my sport? Anyone have...
  2. Rear view mirror camera as trail camera?

    Any one try hooking up one of those rear view mirror displays that come with a camera? But rather than hooking it up in the rear, use it on the front as a trail camera? JLU sport. Don’t have the 8.4 screen with extra input
  3. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    yes, I have the anti slip diff option for the rear
  4. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    It is not like this for me. The engine is obviously acting different, but turning it isnt that much different from 2hi. There is a difference there, I feel it stiffen up in 4hi/4lo. but not super significant
  5. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    I sometimes here a clicking, not sure if this is the same thing
  6. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    I will post a video of me testing out the driving modes on a gravel/dirt road. On 4hi/4low I still have my rear wheels spinning. In the videos, the front wheels just don't look like they are getting any power.. And yes I told them that -I will show them the video tomorrow morning when I pick up...
  7. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    so here’s a video of my dad trying to pull me out. My wheels should be turning like my dad’s xterra where all 4 are spinning. Was in 4wd, and yet only rear was spinning. I thought maybe, reverse only worked in rwd?? But I doubt it
  8. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    Dealership called to say they couldn't find any issues with the 4hi/4lo. They said it felt "fine"when they took it out for a spin on the road. I understand driving in 4lo would change the feel as its driving in higher torque, but that doesn't mean they know for sure that there is power to the...
  9. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    I was noob enough to just look at the wheels spinning. and when I did some circles in 4HI and 4LO, I heard clicking? So I assumed something was working? (this was before I jacked it up) I feel that there is a bit more stiffness from the steering wheel when in 4WD, but It can all be in my head...
  10. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    From 2hi, I go to 4hi, to neutral in the tcase (this is while my transmission is in neutral), then 4lo, then to drive
  11. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    For your situation, I am guessing it fixed itself? When I had it on jack stands, there was a time where the front wheels spun. out of hundreds of times trying to shift into 4hi/4lo, it worked once. Not sure what I did to trigger that, or what I am doing wrong for it not to engage... I feel...
  12. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    I had both the C0501 and C0507 code.. when it was on jack stands. Thats all though. No service 4WD light.
  13. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    I may have to check this again. Ill try and jack it up and see
  14. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    Yeah I had that "stiff" feeling when I first got the Jeep.. But after some time, it got a bit easier to engage. Less than 2-3 mph/standstill -> neutral, neutral in t case -> shift to 4lo ->it "clunks", indicator says im in 4lo and stays that way (it used to bump me out of it) -> shift to drive...
  15. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    Yes it does. Took videos to show dealership if they try and say there's nothing wrong.
  16. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    Got stuck the other day on shallow river crossing. 4wd was engaged before the crossing, and was engaged properly. Video of the jeep showed only my rear wheels were spinning. Had to winch myself out which was embarrassing (oh well). Unsure if my 4hi/4lo works. I have the command-trac system. I...
  17. 35s on a stock Willys JLU

    quite simple and straight forward.
  18. 35s on a stock Willys JLU

    Sound advice. Thank you!!
  19. 35s on a stock Willys JLU

    thank you! rampage rock rage bumper