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  1. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Thanks! This is at The Cliffs Insane Terrain in Marseilles. Fun spot. Nice folks running the place. Plenty of opportunities to get into a bit of trouble. Wes
  2. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    MacombRoger - I got a ‘spa treatment’ as a reminder to close the top.... My son took this pic just as I was investigating my options and realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to power my way through this mud hole. The water was an inch or 2 above the bottom of the tailgate once I...
  3. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    The pic is from a couple weekends ago - just haven’t had time to post. Got a little stuck and had to use my winch - darn... ;) Wes
  4. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Found a great way to show my SWMI pride. Wes
  5. Top feature you wish the JL(U) had but doesn't

    I’ll add my vote for Auto Up Windows (with or without a Fart sensor). I’m going to sprain something trying to twist my fingers so I can get all the windows up at the same time. Other than that I haven’t found anything that I really wish I had. So far... There are plenty of tech features...
  6. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    So happy with the color of my new JLU Rubicon. I’ve had several compliments on the color while I’ve been out driving. Today we took the doors off for the first time. Wasn’t too much of a hassle and the driving experience took me back to my first Jeep a maroon 1971 CJ5. The new Jeep has the...
  7. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Thanks. IMO Jeeps should have fun colors. Wes
  8. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Hello from Stevensville. I split time between MI (where I’d rather be) and IL. Just got my JLU Rubicon and planning to explore MI’s trails. Silver Lake is certainly on the list. Hoping to learn about other options and clubs in SWMI. Wes
  9. New 2020 Land Rover Defender vs Jeep JL Wrangler

    While my Series IIa is a bit older than a Defender the basic concept is the same. The Land Rover (IIa or Defender) is more like an old CJ than a new JL. Very capable with a ton of heritage. And plenty of opportunities to fiddle with the mechanical bits - maybe more so on my IIa than a more...
  10. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Introducing myself and “Grover”, our ~ month old 2019 JLU Rubicon. After 28 years missing my first Jeep - a 1971 CJ5 that I bought as a senior in college - I’ve finally got a Jeep to take on some adventures with my family. My son and I took a trip to Joshua Tree National Park this summer and...