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  1. Real Winter rated 37" tire (with the snow flake icon)

    I feel like the feel of the in road tracking is superior to my old KO2's. The load range E vs the load range C if the K02's in my opinion is unnoticed. I just did 3400 miles with nothing but praise
  2. Real Winter rated 37" tire (with the snow flake icon)

    They are also studdable if desired
  3. Real Winter rated 37" tire (with the snow flake icon)

    The Kanati Trail Hogs The 37" Kanati Trail Hogs I think may be the best on/off road tire I've used in 45 years. 5star both on road and off road.
  4. California 5 bfg tires

    First one who gets here gets them. Text me 818-262-5553
  5. California 5 bfg tires

    I have 5 BFG KO2 tires with 28, 000 miles on them. If anyone wants to experiment with 35" tires they are yours with a drive to Winnetka, Ca 91306
  6. 2021 2 Door Rubicon Death Wobble

    I could be wrong, God knows I've been wrong before. Not sure if I buy the idea that the cast iron steering box is the end all for those that have issues. As far as I know, all wranglers in the past have had cast iron steering boxes. At least the two I've had did, as well as a number of solid...
  7. Colorado trip

    This pisshole of a state will be in my rearview mirror at approximately 9:30am December 28th. From what I can see the implosion you're laying out started the downhill slide 2-3 years ago. As you point out, more working from home (support employees reduced). Big business leaving. Many of my...
  8. Colorado trip

    I won't be bringing any Califriscoisms with me. I have actually lost all of them. Hence I don't fit in here anymore
  9. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    That sounds like quite a pain in the ass journey. I sped thru the 12 pages hoping you found a fix. Sure doesn't sound right. Mine is a 2018 Rubicon with almost all the work done in my garage by me. Death wobble twice in stock configuration with less than 1000 miles Swapped to a simple Rancho...
  10. Colorado trip

    Yeppirs!! New address Jan 1, 2021. So stoked to get out of this dump of a state.
  11. Colorado trip

    Colorado trip was a success. Secured home for 1 year in the Cimarron Hills area of Colorado Springs. In other news Blu bi kong performed flawlessly. 3440 miles overall, 16.1 mpg back in my driveway, gear change-break- in-500 mile fluid change-new dana covers with cooling fins, 37" tires...
  12. 4:88's, 6 speed, 3.6, 37's perfect

    It is perfect for my taste. Those two grades are notoriously long climbs. Everywhere else has been perfect.
  13. Second long trip with the eco diesel and the third service shop stop

    May luck be's with you! Tough way to break in a new Jeep :( We're in Beaver, UT right down the interstate heading to Colorado Springs in morning.
  14. 4:88's, 6 speed, 3.6, 37's perfect

    6th gear with 35's was basically a downhill gear or 85mph plus at 2600. 5th with 35's was 75-77 mph 2500. 4th was used for cajon pass, baker grade exclusively at 70mph and 2800 ish. Mpg seems to have dropped from 16.9 to 15.9.
  15. 4:88's, 6 speed, 3.6, 37's perfect

    So I recently re geared '18 Rubicon JLUR, 3.6, 6spd with 4:88's and added 37" tires. Left Winnetka via 101 out to 210 and up the 15 to Beaver, Utah. Cajon Pass (1 short spot in 4th gear 70mph) Most of it in 5th gear 75-77mph Some intermediate was even in 6th. Baker grade to...
  16. The Trasharoo Problem

    Maybe donut shaped trasharoo!