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  1. Anyone Used Mopar's Color Match Touch Up Paint?

    I used it on my light bar brackets, matches pretty well. They're small cans, and they don't go as far as you'd hope, so order extra.
  2. Salt Lake Area 4x4 Shops

    Impulse Off Road or Midnight 4x4 would be my picks. Both have people who have raced with us, and I've seen their work hold up.
  3. So you have a Service Axle Locker warning light. How I fixed mine.

    Mine is intermittently blinking on and off now after getting back from the desert. Guess this is going to be a fun time with the dealer.
  4. Best Off Road Maps to Download

    GaiaGPS uses OpenStreetMaps as a source, which is a nice, because if a road/trail doesn't exist, you can add it (It's like Wikipedia in that regard). They say it takes two to three weeks for the trails you add on OpenStreetMaps to show up in Gaia, but I'm not sure what the exact timeline is...
  5. Mopar 82215137 Hood Lock Kit for 18-19 Wrangler JL

    I had mine ordered through Quadratec (on back order until available) and mine showed up yesterday. Looking forward to getting it installed.
  6. Rhino Rack / Currie Rock Jock JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    The coil over is likely just being used as a coil carrier with light, if any, valving as well, the Bypass should be taking care of all of the shock duties.
  7. TIS Forged Wheels JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    I think the glare from the paint is making them look worse than they really are. They don't look like fantastic welds, but they look better than I've seen on some others.
  8. EXTREME (use) JL Build For Racing

    What races you looking at for next year? I'd love to see it in person.
  9. Bonneville Offroad Racing - Wendover 250

    BOR is looking for some recovery teams for our last race of the year in Wendover, UT. Nothing too complicated, mostly towing broken vehicles back to the pits (and occasionally rolling them back over). Trucks, Buggies, and UTVs will all be racing together (bikes are on a separate course at the...
  10. Anyone else have a mascot?

    Yeah, Spuddy Buddy rides around on my Dash. This was for another thing I moved him out to the hood for.
  11. Mopar 82215137 Hood Lock Kit for 18-19 Wrangler JL

    No brake fluid that I can find (I'm sure some did, but doesn't look like much). Power steering fluid is everywhere though.
  12. Mopar 82215137 Hood Lock Kit for 18-19 Wrangler JL

    My guess is some punk kids with nothing better to do than mess with other people's stuff. Bad news is I went to the desert and played around with all the caps missing. Didn't notice it until my brother noticed the dipstick hanging down beneath the engine bay.
  13. Mopar 82215137 Hood Lock Kit for 18-19 Wrangler JL

    Well, all the fluid caps and my dipstick got swiped out of my Jeep over the weekend, so it'd be nice if Bolt/Mopar would get their crap together so I can lock my hood down.
  14. What is your 4wd pedigree? Prior vehicles and experience thread.

    Prior to my JL I had a TJ with a 4 Cylinder in it, fun but gutless. However, I grew up (and still love) VW's and that's where most of my offroading happens. My family races a VW powered buggy (we were at a race this last weekend, took 2nd in our class). And I learned to drive and went...
  15. Real talk about light bars...

    They're really handy when you're working recovery and have to try and find a broken down UTV/Jeepspeed/Class 9 in the middle of the night and get them fixed or towed out, can never have enough light for that. If you're in a blinding snowstorm, there is definitely such a thing as too much...
  16. Lightbar Brackets 50s

    Still waiting on Artec to release theirs. Saw them earlier this year at the SLC Off Road Expo and they're pretty nice.
  17. Skid plates Probably what I'll be getting, Artec makes good stuff.
  18. New Rear Hardtop Light Bar Kit for your 2018-2019 Jeep JL Wrangler! | Diode Dynamics

    Are the brackets available without the lightbar?
  19. Where are my Utah People at?

    We'll be headed up that way next month, the first Bonneville Offroad race of the season is in Vernal on May 18th. Just got to rebuild the car, blew the transmission at a race in Nevada over the weekend. If anyone wants to come out to the race, let me know.
  20. EXTREME (use) JL Build For Racing

    You and me both. I think we've rolled ours 6 times now. Most of the time it's not too bad, but Dad and brother went over at 55 Mph once, that was a fun recovery and fix.