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  1. Rear storage option for JLU

  2. Rear storage option for JLU

    So I received the 2 revised top side pieces from Squadbox, fairly simple to swap out and totally secure. I would assume that these would be the new go forward.
  3. Rear storage option for JLU

    on the Squadbox, you can remove the top and behind the seat pieces in about 2-3 minutes.
  4. Rear storage option for JLU

    so I got a response from Tyler, they have a resolution for this issue and Tyler is shipping me replacement top side pieces within the next week. I would assume that the fix is the go forward with new orders.
  5. Rear storage option for JLU

    Since it has been about 2 1/2 months since I installed this, I have emailed Tyler for an update on the solution and am awaiting a response. Tyler has been very good about responding, so I expect to hear something soon. To be honest, the fix that I did really wasn't difficult at all, I just took...
  6. Rear storage option for JLU

    I just installed my Squadbox 2 days ago and have discovered a major flaw. You can easily reach into the hole on the back left side that is for the hardtop connections and pull out the left top cover piece. I have contacted Tyler regarding this and he has told me they are working on a solution...
  7. North Carolina Sahara fender flares (red)

    Firecracker Red Sahara fender flares in great condition. Front and rear flares complete with inner liners and front LED turn signals. $400.00, local pickup only near Charlotte NC
  8. UPDATED: JL 7.0 Uconnect Radio w/ bezel for sale PRICE DROP

    Wrangler JL 7in Uconnect Radio with Bezel for Sale. Excellent condition, the lock code will be included. $475.00 shipped will accept Zelle or Paypal (gift option) payment I will ship out the same day with FedEx ground if payment is received by 3pm EST. or local pickup near Charlotte, NC
  9. North Carolina JLU Mopar MOAB Rock Rails

    $350 ? I can come up any day this week
  10. North Carolina JLU Mopar MOAB Rock Rails

    did you end up selling these ?
  11. North Carolina Excellent Condition MOPAR Performance Rock Rails

    rock rails still for sale ?
  12. North Carolina Traded

    Thanks. I am looking to buy a soft top straight out, I want to keep my hardtop. Let me know if something changes.
  13. North Carolina Traded

    I would be interested in buying the soft top. what are you looking to get ?