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  1. Dash's just by OCD, but....

    Omg, I do this every. single. TIME. Every time I have a mini freakout "c'mon Jeep, this is stupid" "okay self, just remember for next time... down is up and up is down. Got it." Next time rolls around and it's the same. I've had it for 7 months and I cry inside.
  2. Tennessee 5 Tires & 5 Wheels

    Hate to hear that! Will do.
  3. Tennessee 5 Tires & 5 Wheels

    Are you sure you sent it to me? I never got any messages from you and I just double checked. I did get a PM from NOVA though and we've arranged their pickup next weekend.
  4. Anyone Used Mopar's Color Match Touch Up Paint?

    This is only mildly off-topic, but I was wondering the other day... has anyone ever used another color to cover scratches or damage, other than their original color? I can't decide if it would be awesome or look bad. Say, I have the Sting Gray and if I had a decent scratch or gouge, I could use...
  5. Jeep Launches 'Pale Blue Dot' Video, Featuring the Words of Carl Sagan, to Launch the New Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    The two Jeeps remind me of two siblings. A proper sister that does her family proud, straight-A student, etc, and the loud, partying brother pulling up to Thanksgiving dinner blaring Lynyrd Skynyrd, covered in tats.
  6. Is there a storage solution for the Freedom Panels on the roof?

    Not what you're looking for, but you could always go this route. I think it's a bit overpriced, but that's me.
  7. New Rubicon Getting Trail Cam option!

    If you have the 8.4" screen.
  8. Mean Bean teardrop

    Looks so nice, gets expensive in a hurry. It almost makes me want to tackle making my own trailer, but I'm sure it would end in a disaster.
  9. Tennessee 5 Tires & 5 Wheels

    Knoxville, TN. They're just the standard JLU tires, 245/75R17
  10. Mean Bean teardrop

    Very cool trailer. Do you have any inside pictures?
  11. Removed the engine cover.

    Isn't that cover supposed to act as a heat shield for the hood?
  12. Tennessee 5 Tires & 5 Wheels

    5 Goodyear Wrangler w/ Kevlar with approximately 1,500 miles on them and 5 17" Machined Granite Crystal wheels. TPMS sensors not included. Local pickup only. $500 total.
  13. Have I installed these JKS Quicker Disconnects wrong?

    Thanks for all the help and insight, everyone. I'll get to work on this and hopefully get everything fixed.
  14. Have I installed these JKS Quicker Disconnects wrong?

    Ok, that makes sense, I'll fix that. I'll add that spacer. I was wondering where it could go, but the instructions never had a "finished" picture so I wasn't sure. The passenger pin came like that, very short and blunt.