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  1. I think I purchased too much Jeep?

    You forgot to add the rock parking brake to the list of real Jeep options.
  2. Mississippi New Sunrider Premium Black Soft top

    Yea it is a good deal. Have a buddy looking for one but your a little far away. I will mention it to him though.
  3. Am I the odd person out for wanting/preferring a soft top?

    If i had to choose it would be the soft top. I have dual top option and dont put hardtop on till November and take it off in March. My wife has a JLU also that didnt come with a soft top so i bought one new in the box off an individual, she prefers the soft top as well.
  4. Tennessee Premium JLU Soft Top

    Adam I sent you a PM
  5. Best Hi-tuck exhaust w no drone

    Yep factory everything back to the muffler. Its a 3.6L

    I mean NO I dont care. Hope I didnt offend anyone!!
  7. Best Hi-tuck exhaust w no drone

    I have an AFE hightuck muffler that was installed on my JKU. I took it the the muffler shop and had it modified to work on my JLU it was actually a nice clean looking install but the drone was terrible around 2k rpm. I took it off and reinstalled the factory muffler. AFE must have redisigned the...
  8. Video of JL climbing the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado

    Nice video!! Thanks for all the information. This is on my bucket list for sure.
  9. Pennsylvania Factory JLUR Black Cloth Seats w/Red Stitching $250 Shipped!

    Wonder if these will fit in my wives 2020 Willys JLU?
  10. Chance of punk'n returning?

    There is a highly optioned JLU Rubicon Punkn with painted fenders and black top at JK in Casey, IL. Please buy it so nobody has one around here that looks exactly like mine!! LOL
  11. WTB Rubicon rear bumper plastic or steel

    looking to buy a rear rubicon bumper. Whats out there?
  12. Florida WTB Rubicon Black Non Painted High-Line Fenders or BS Painted

    Quadratech has free shipping on the high line fenders right now. I ordered some in textured black with led option for $600 after tax shipped to me. Woops I'm sorry I just looked at their site and now they are charging $99 shipping again.
  13. Virginia Rubicon plastic bumper

    will you consider shipping?
  14. Best Soft Top?

    Mopar Premium Twill soft top is the best. But it all depends on the look you want. I like the OEM look myself. By the way I'm pretty sure the Mopar twill soft top is sourced through BestTop.
  15. Illinois Free Rear Bumper with all brackets

    I am not from Champaign but I am from the area.
  16. 2020 Jeep Wrangler JPP 20 Edition Introduced at Chicago Auto Show

    I want the Jeep Performance Decal that's on the dash, If anyone knows of a part # post it please. I will contact dealer also and see of they have any info on it. Thanks
  17. Does my sport look lifted.

    That was on the stock tires, so that's how much the springs lifted it. I have not measured it since putting on the 285's.
  18. Does my sport look lifted.

    This is my wifes Jeep Willys and it has the takeoff springs from my Rubicon on it, raises front 1 inch and rear 1.5 inches. It also has Rubicon takeoff 285 ko2's. Compared to yours it appears to me that yours is not lifted.