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  1. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Those with 35s how’s your gas mileage looking like? This is our only car and will be used to travel everywhere including like 12-14 hour road trips. Just wanna see if I should jump to 35s or keep my freebie 33s. This will be a KO2 tire.
  2. Recommended Denver area dealer for service?

    Very late update, Pollard fixed my issues and did me right after some accidental damage to my Jeep. They took ownership of the damage and really took care of me earlier this year to fix what went wrong. I worked directly with Bob their service director who is straight up a good dude! He did...
  3. Denver 4x4 Shops

    I’m getting my lift done by Northridge 4x4 on June 5th. So I will let you know how it goes. I shopped around and called Bullhide, Highcountry Performance, and Trail Jeeps, All were great but at the end I really appreciated Northridge listening to my needs. I appreciated them not wanting to...
  4. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Bummed and excited. Had our windshield replaced recently and the guy scratched and knicked the paint around my frame... so she is going in to get repainted. Also the kicker the glass they installed has scratches all over the passenger side. SMH, they were dealer and State Farm insurance...
  5. Offset Question?

    Welp problem averted - switched to method 701. Figure it would be the safest choice with back spacing and a style I like.
  6. Offset Question?

    315 in the future. I’m now looking at a different set of rims... I also talked to northridge and they said it may rub.
  7. Offset Question?

    Hello I am running into a new question? I plan on lifting my Moab that has the narrower axels using the Dynatrac Lift 2inch lift. I plan on running AEV Savegre II which are 17x8.5 and have a 25mm offset And 5.77 of backspacing. Question is will I run into any issues. I called Dynatrac and...
  8. AEV Rims? Which Aftermarket Lug Nuts?

    Thank you all. Looks like I found my next lug nuts.
  9. AEV Rims? Which Aftermarket Lug Nuts?

    Hey All, I’m moving towards AEV Saverge II rims. Whats the general consensus on the best lug nuts to use that are aftermarket and black? I’m looking at Gorilla and see they have Acorn style and Forged Steel in black? I also saw Mcguard has a pair? I’d appreciate any advice for those with AEV...
  10. Dynatrac EnduroSport lift review, just buy it...

    Whelp! My Moab is getting this lift! Just pulled the trigger @Northridge4x4! Went to the Denver Shop and worked out a package with Ryan. Dynatrac EduroSport 2in, AEV Saverge II rims (Going to recycle my 285 KO2s), Yeti Trackbar, Mopar LCA! June 5th build date at their shop pending parts...
  11. Rattle behind dash - driver side

    So your rattle sounded like mine. Lower pillar/speaker and center steering column. My fix was 3 part 1) I have ACC so I added some foam to the plastic trim pieces above/behind the visor 2) Stuck my arm behind the lower driver instrument panel. I traced a wire that is attached to the steering...
  12. TeraFlex 2.5 w/3.3 falcon shock opinion/review

    Are your SP2 valved for 4dr or 2dr? I’m actually in a similar quandary as the OP, except that this will be going on a Moab. I’m debating on going with Teraflex lift and falcon shocks as well and was looking at the 3.3 SP2. I’ve read some things that people go with the 2dr valve even though they...
  13. Falcon Shocks aDAPT

    I’m intrigued!
  14. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    I have the Jeep covers in mine. I think they are trying to secure the top and bottom when I only need the bottom cover.
  15. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    My fingers are crossed! I’ve been working with my dealer to get my front passenger seat replaced due to scratch on delivery. I got FCA approval for replacement from their regional rep, but I’ve been getting the cover is on backorder and they have no idea when it will or ever get here. So I have...
  16. Official Denver Area Group

    Yeah I spoke to someone at Metalcloak and they said it’s not worth to chance it even with the 2.5.
  17. Official Denver Area Group

    I really appreciate the solid feedback. I initially was leaning towards the Metalcloak Lift but was talked out of it by one of the shops due to the need for a different driveshaft. I may have to reconsider that as an option. I have read nothing but positive things about the Metalcloak lifts.
  18. Official Denver Area Group

    Need some advice. I am looking into lifting my Jeep. I called some shops and they all were recommending or pushing different things. Highcountry 4x4 and Bullhide 4x4 both recommended running a Teraflex ST 2 with Falcon 2.1 shocks for my Moab. Northridge said they can do what ever I like and...
  19. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Rydonair 13in! Looks great and still pulls great reception.
  20. To lift or not to lift? Add larger tires or not?

    I’m almost in the same boat as you. I have a 2019 Moab and am planning on lifting it. I’ve actually called a few shops and have gotten a few quotes. Ball park for my endeavor is around 5-7k So far on the top of the leaderboard as of today... Teraflex ST2 w Falcon 3.3 SP2 Falcon Nexus 2.2...