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  1. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Jrod go order some Amsoil, do a preferred customer account and get the discount, buy a pump 10$ at walmart and save some money for beer. If you can change engine oil you can change the gear oil and t-case fluid in these.
  2. It’ll buff out.

    Your fault or someone else, dont miss driving 128 could tell some funny stories back in the day. You need a new steel bumper, more armor :)
  3. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    CS, I know that, no load on the gears, guess if I had it off road or 4PT in the snow, would be different, Note my magnets for the rear diff M220 in a Rubiocon looked similiar to the pic you have, and only 1100 miles of local use and some highway.
  4. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Very easy, they quote high and folks who dont know better pay it as part of a service. My neighbor had a 911 and he told me about the wallet flushes err services. 2000$ service for oil changes and some filters, ridculous. Carbon Steel, how did you add thermo couples for temp guages to the...
  5. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    660$ to do a diff service, that is a rip off, You can change the 2 diffs and T-case in less than an hour. Buy a Outboard drive service pump for 10$ at Walmart which threads onto the 1 qt bottles. Looking at 4 qts gear oil and a couple qts ATF and will have some left over. I change mine a few...
  6. Help Me With Maintenance

    Did the Diffs and T-case on my Rubicon this weekend at 1100 miles, lots of pearl in the rear diff and T-case. Also some paste on both drain magnets on the diffs. I'll change them again at 5000 or so and should be good after that. Oh, nice having the clearance underneath, didnt even have to...
  7. Any production line employees here?

    I have service manuals, they could provide them free to add value to their product, would cost them nothing, per the cameras, the could set them up on their tooling on the assembly line, have you ever been in an auto plant? Again cost would be next to nothing and would add value, differentiate...
  8. Any production line employees here?

    On all my mopars when I get the questionaires, I have recommended they set a camera on the dolley/skid as it goes down the line and film it being assembled, then give it to the owner , or at least folks who order one, on some format, maybe thumb drive. Also provide the parts and service manual...
  9. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    Very nice, well done!
  10. Penny for your thoughts.

    well many are built, many are modded, many stock, but my guess everyone puts their own stamp on them. I commend folks who put lifts on and put them to use. myself, have emptied the wallet with minor upgrades, BTW what does a Trauma program coordinator do? You a Doc?
  11. Most common ongoing issues: 2020 JL

    2018 Sahara, no issues. Had the Steering Stabilizer and Track Bar replaced by dealer under the TSBs, have them in the basement and had a Steer Smarts Track Bar and Falcon Stabilzer installed instead :) Wife's jeep, never had an issue, 13K miles, note it drove fine. Also installed Northridge...
  12. Love the look of this new Rugged Ridge Venator bumper

    So have the corrected the issue with the fog light bezel, any issue with it??
  13. Dumping factory fill. What oil is everyone running?

    My local dealer does bulk oil thru local Distributor, carries the Pennzoil grades. Uses the bottled stuff for like 0w-40 SRT since they dont sell much of that.
  14. Dumping factory fill. What oil is everyone running?

    I get it from Summit or Jegs or buy directly from them. I have used their C+ transfluid in my 40TE in one of my Cruisers, their 75w-90 and 75w-140 in some of my differentials. They are a premium oil and I like the fact the sell cheater oils with a lot of old school additives that have been down...
  15. Dumping factory fill. What oil is everyone running?

    Sorry but those videos dont really test oils in a ASTM method, I would not put much credance in his tests, he is like Kilmer, it is all about the clicks for them to make $$$$
  16. Dumping factory fill. What oil is everyone running?

    I am going to give them a shot. looking at the Oil Analysis over at BITOG oil forum, some of the Redline cheater oils are highly additized with lots of Moly, Boron ,Zinc and Phosphorous, run on the higher end on viscosity too, not like the wimpy ILSAC GS5 SN oils. All good stuff. They exceed...
  17. Spare Tire Cover On or Off?

    I can see the benefit, protect the spare tire from the UV, and one less PITA to clean behind, sucks washing the jeep and having to be a contortionist to reach in between the gate,tire carrier and wheel. and sorry I like a clean jeep. How about them boomerang covers, some of those look decent.
  18. Wrangler eTorque?

    Justin I have two JLs both 3.6 autos. 18 Sahara and 20 Rubicon I test drove a Sahara, live up the road from you in Brunswick. It was a 19 with the 2.0 and the ETQ. We drove it for a few hours in Harpswell and on highway. My imrpessions were that it was not any faster than the std 3.6...