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  1. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Cool, that base plate looks really useful for all kinds of setups. And their drawers are really slick!
  2. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Great looking jeep! What kind of aluminum mounting plate and drawers are those in the back of the jeep?
  3. Whats your tire pressure???

    Same here. 26-27 in winter in Alaska. About 30 in summer.
  4. Swaybar Skidplate Necessary?

    I don’t think you can rotate it to the back. I had to notch the winch plate to rotate the motor to the front and up.
  5. Hauk Off-Road Snorkel - Install and Review

    Great write up! Any issues now that you've had it installed for a few months? Now we just need photos of you testing it out!
  6. Rubicon LED Fog Lights - $200 shipped

    They are from a plastic JLUR bumper. Not sure if they would work for you or not.
  7. Swaybar Skidplate Necessary?

    Here are two finished photos showing final placement of the swaybar motor. It hangs down about 2.5” lower than the bumper but you really can’t see it unless you crouch down in front of the Jeep
  8. Swaybar Skidplate Necessary?

    One more thing for anyone reading this in the use this specific genright ultra clearance bumper with the sway bar motor flip, you do have to notch the winch tray in two locations. It isn’t too much work, the sections cut out are about 1” x 1.5” in the back of the winch tray.
  9. Swaybar Skidplate Necessary?

    Here is a photo showing the cuts in progress and a photo after the cuts were done. I had to notch the front of the cut a bit to get the bumper to fit correctly. You can see how far the swaybar motor hangs down stock. I didn’t get a photo of the motor rotated up but it does rotate way up out...
  10. Swaybar Skidplate Necessary?

    I went with a genright ultra clearance bumper and used the ace swaybar motor flip bolt. I just don't like the look of those lower skid plates. In my opinion it's better to be up and out of the way than to be down where something can get hit. With the swaybar motor rotated it is tucked way up...
  11. 37's and Minor Wiggle in Steering: Acceptable?

    Ah, nevermind. I assumed the LCAs that came with the lift are adjustable, but they aren't.
  12. 2" mopar lift and 1" rake???

    Throw 100 lbs of weight in the very back to see how it will sit once you have the elite bumper installed...
  13. 37's and Minor Wiggle in Steering: Acceptable?

    Have you checked your caster? I'm on a 3.5" lift with 37s and don't experience any vibrations like you describe.
  14. Is 3.5" the right bet for 37s?

    From what I can tell, 3.5" is borderline on needing a new driveshaft and if you have long shocks for max droop then you can damage the driveshaft. For now I'm running shocks for a 2.5" lift (Falcon shocks) and haven't had or seen any issues.
  15. Is 3.5" the right bet for 37s?

    3.5 all the way. A bit more ground clearance and room for tires. When you load up for a weekend or weeklong camping trip you’ll be glad you have the extra space since it will settle an inch or so loaded down. Here is mine with Evo 3.5” and some camping gear in the back.
  16. Rubicon LED Fog Lights - $200 shipped

    I don’t know if they are but I bet someone has tried and figured out if they are.
  17. Rubicon LED Fog Lights - $200 shipped

    Stock LED fog lights from my Rubicon with 153 miles. Work great, but I bought a bumper that doesn't have room for fog lights. $200 shipped anywhere in the US.
  18. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Yes, I did add an adjustable front trackbar (Rough Country) during the install. The suspension comes with a heavy duty riser bracket for the rear trackbar so you use the stock trackbar in the rear. Evo does call out on their website that a front trackbar is needed but not included. I think they...
  19. Far North Build & Trip Log

    Build and trip log for our 2018 JLUR in Anchorage, AK Current photo of the jeep with Evo 3.5” Stage II Enforcer Lift, 37” x 12.5” Cooper STT Pros on KMC RG231 Beadlocks: Background: My first vehicle at 16 years old was a rusted out CJ-7. I’d take all kinds of things apart on it and many...