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  1. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    Psyched to go snow wheeling in these challenging times!
  2. How many of you have had a flawless Jeep?

    Have one of the first 2018's in Seattle, a Rubicon w/manual. No issues so far, 14k miles, it's a sweet ride.
  3. Lifting JLUR hardtop by the roof rack

    I did this with a rack that bolts into the hardtop. The hardtop is not that heavy, it all seems fine.
  4. Full MOPAR Accessories List for 2018-19 Jeep Wrangler JL

    I thought I saw a 15% discount coupon for Mopar parts, I can't find it now. I want a steel front bumper, they seem to be out of stock anyway(?).
  5. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    This looks awesome, I plan to get one! I presume that you can hit the backup camera button while moving, and then you probably hit a button to identify which camera view you will see?
  6. F/s factory rubber mats, black jeep logo

    Factory rubber mats for sale. They are in excellent condition but have the Jeep logo in black, not red. Only $40, save some money! In box and ready for shipping from Seattle.
  7. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    Yes it's titanium color on a granite rubi. It looks great!
  8. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    My extensive review: two thumbs up!!
  9. Does recirculate actually work? JLUR

    My recirc works well enough to keep all the car wash tunnel smells completely outside the rig, you must have something wrong.
  10. Way to show which gear you on in m/t?

    Love this tranny! The gear spaces are so close, like a sports car, that I have missed the correct space before. Not sure if I would catch it on the display screen first or when letting the clutch out tho!
  11. Sneak peek!

    Have one on order! Having trouble visualizing the results, what are you recommending for Granite colored rigs, titanium or black?
  12. Q&A: from the Sun Shade Thread...

    I live in Seattle and so rain is always a possibility! I like how your cover goes all the way out to the roll bar widths. Do you have any plans for a more water tight or solid vinyl version? -Even if not 100% non drip, it would go a long way to keeping the hard top off longer.
  13. JLUR Manual Transmission Problems

    That first shift comes very soon. No prob between any gears on mine. I feel the whole consortium has gotten noticeably smoother over time (1700 miles), not just because of the brain synapses catching on!
  14. Off road pages right now!

    The people that think it's a joke haven't actually tried it yet.
  15. Off road pages right now!

    It is pretty easy. I figured out that FCA only removed the icon on the screen, but left the button position "active". So go to the Apps page and press on the first place that an additional icon would be. It goes to the off road pages!
  16. Storage under rear seat

    The rear seats swing down towards the floor when you fold them, eating the storage space up! Otherwise, great idea! -Clever feature actually.
  17. 9% off Jl Rubicon

    Sweet discount and no waiting either!!
  18. Stalled M/T, would not restart

    For clarity here, I had this happen to me once but have also had it NOT happen many times (so no problem). I am up to 1,000 miles so far, and you do have to hold the start button in on the m/t model until it is running. -Usually I never stall, my clutch skills were rusty!
  19. Stalled M/T, would not restart

    I had this happen once on a stall. Had to go to "off" then restart to get back to normal.