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  1. DIY Sway bar end links

    Very interesting...
  2. DIY Sway bar end links

    Mine broke because I made them about an inch too full droop the short link allowed the sway bar to swing forward when dropping down from a wall and the link was bent over the drop link, breaking it...The longer link will prevent the hyperextention of the joint...I dropped an extra...
  3. DIY Sway bar end links

    Because I wanted to make my own.
  4. Gorilla Glass windshield replacement

    It does carry the DOT is on the lower edge of the part and in the middle.
  5. Gorilla Glass windshield replacement

    I got it at HighLift Offroad. I think they have a few in stock.
  6. DIY Sway bar end links

    30.8" extended. eye to eye.
  7. Gorilla Glass windshield replacement

    I got my Gorilla Glass windshield in early September. I just finished a long road trip from Cincinnati, Ohio to Boulder, Colorado then Moab then down to Trail Hero in Hurricane, Utah then home to Cincy. Over 3700 miles! No cracks in the new Gorilla Glass!!!
  8. DIY Sway bar end links

    UPDATE - I broke a front link at Trail Hero... I do have some pretty long travel dampers that caused the failure but... Use part number 91034212-8 to get a 1" longer rod.
  9. DIY Sway bar end links

    I wanted a double heim sway bar end link system fro my JLR but didn't like the pricing or many of the options on the market. They were either very expensive or didn't offer the level of articulation I wanted. Also, why buy something when you can make it your self for twice as much right?! I...
  10. Lift kit for a new Rubi- Mopar, MC or Dynatrack?

    The thing to remember is that the Rocksports in the MC kit are valved for the springs that they come will have a better ride AND performance with dampers that are valved for the specific application they are being used for. Do the MC kit the shocks and buy some fox when you get some...
  11. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    I have JE Reel drive is an interesting issue though. I'll post about my conversation with Ricky when I have it.
  12. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    I was referring to the axle shaft. Agree that a driveshaft with a crazy angle will make a vibration.
  13. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    I need to touch base with Ricky at RCV...Interesting that their tech group recommended 2pc. I'll sat again that it is hard for me to understand how there would be more harmonic with 1 rather than 2pcs. It is a precision turned part...the runout must be next to nothing. The only cause of...
  14. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    Very cool! Our groups last trip results in 3 sets of broken rear stock axles. Those guys were asking for it though...38's and 40's on heavy rigs...
  15. Ohio Rubicon LED turns and brackets 6 mins.
  16. Ohio Rubicon LED turns and brackets

    For sale is a set of Rubicon turn signals, running lights and brackets. Not cut. No broken tabs. Perfect condition. Taken off of my jeep at around 1500 (fifteen hunderd) miles. 155 shipped via FedEx Home Delivery
  17. Apex Performance Power Steering Cooler install

    After wheeling this weekend, I can confidently say this cooler solved my thermal shutdown issues. We rode trail in 85-88 degree high humidity weather. Due to the number of Jeeps we had there was a lot of slow driving and waiting. Perfect conditions to overheat the PS system. I am very pleased...
  18. Apex Performance Power Steering Cooler install

    Thank you. I was concerned about the fluid compatibility too. Pentosin CHF11S meets MS-11655.
  19. Apex Performance Power Steering Cooler install

    This is my 8th or 9th update to my 2 door Rubicon build...I was putting all of the build links in these updates. If that is value added, please let me know and I'll add them here and continue the practice. I am not sure how many of my fellow JL/JT owners have experienced the power steering pump...
  20. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    Doing things the right way is rarely inexpensive...I'm just happy that is another thing I don't have to worry about. Imagine the cost of getting out to Moab or Sand Hollow from Cincinnati and breaking an axle on the trial...the cost of these shafts becomes less than a wash in that scenario...