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  1. Trektop Ultra for 2-door

    I would also buy one of these in a heartbeat...especially if it came in tan color (hint, hint). Seriously though, Bestop: I think more people would buy tan colored tops than you think. I have a Sarge Green JL 2 door, and I think a tan soft top would look amazing. Us 2 door JL owners need a...
  2. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Thanks for the info! Would the Synergy sector shaft brace 2.0 address the problem with the bolt you describe?
  3. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Aaaaah. Ok. Now I see what you guys are talking about. Was lost before. Thanks so much for the info!!
  4. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Currently running about 30psi. Thanks!
  5. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Thanks so much. I have an appt with svc dept on Monday. We will see what they say. Fingers crossed.
  6. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Yes. Dealing with a dealer. I spoke with a different dealer who said that there was nothing listed on the VIN that showed that the TSB had been done. They did say that it would not be covered, as the vehicle is out of warranty. Looks like I will have to come out of pocket for it.
  7. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Are there any end caps you recommend? Is this a requirement?
  8. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Thanks so much for your reply! Local dealer tells me there is no way for them to tell if the TSB has been done. I am the Jeep's 3rd owner, so its possible that either of the previous owners had it done, but not here at my local dealer. I'm not sure how to proceed
  9. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Are there specific Bumper end caps you would recommend?
  10. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Thanks! I will look into all of that.
  11. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Naturally! These may help. May not...TBD.
  12. 1st Wrangler. Need Advice.

    Greetings! 1st time posting on any forum, so please forgive any breaches of decorum. I just got my 1st Wrangler. 2020 JL Sport 2 door, 3.6l auto. 10k miles on odometer. Previous owner did several mods. 33" AT tires on 17" wheels and Mopar lift with Fox shocks being a couple. My plan for...