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  1. Colorado Sold: Red half doors w/ premium uppers 2000 Aurora local only

    Selling set of half doors with premium uppers in Aurora. Had them color matched to firecracker red. 2200 Pick up only
  2. Finally painted the roll bar!

    So I finally got to get my half doors and roll bar painted! I'm loving the look!
  3. Black twill duster and windjammer?

    Do you have plans to make the above in twill? I'd like to get a trektop in twill and like the look of a duster and windjammer, but not if they aren't the same fabric. I don't see a foldable trektop coming for a while and am getting impatient. Thank you
  4. Mopar protection extended plan buy back

    Anyone else getting an unusual amount of emails asking to get cash back or cash bonus for their extended warranty? I don't remember having this happen last year, heck even my dealership called me asking to sell it back to them.
  5. Tune dial for map zoom

    So whenever I use Google maps the tune dial takes over the zoom control and I really like it. Does anyone know a way to use this feature with the normal map? It's much easier to use when driving then the little plus and minus buttons on the screen.
  6. Uconnect app and Samsung gear

    Has anyone been able to connect the app to their Samsung gear s3? If I read the app page right it should just pop onto my watch. Well it doesn't I have a galaxy S9 and the Gear S3 Frontier. Any tips would be appreciated.
  7. 2 door soft top issues

    I had a bit of a scare yesterday, the passanger side of my premium soft top blew open on me! I was driving with a strong side wind and the Velcro came off and the center of the top (above the seatbelts right behind the doors), the center of the top came up enough I was seeing sunlight. All I...
  8. Mopar hinge reinforcement kit accessories

    So talking to my parts guy he mentioned the JL tailgate kit is made by bestop and all their stuff will fit on it. Has bestop said anywhere what the accessories might be? I figure it will be similar to the JK version. If so what do you plan on getting? I'm going for at least hi lift mount.
  9. Windshield tie down

    Loving that the windshield seems so easy to put down now, but can anyone see where you would strap it down? I see the bumpers but can't imagine how you would tie the windshield to them. Thanks