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  1. Tan Soft Top and Body Color

    I could tell you what I think but she'd slap the shit out of me....
  2. So do we just ignore how bad the jeeps ride??

    Oh yeah, I bought a smart car for its towing ability and my corvette for its off road creds. :facepalm:
  3. Bronco Raptor make sense now?

    We still have to remove the tatoo... 🤔
  4. 2024 Jeep Wrangler Named Best SUV of 2024 by Cars.com

    The high MSRP keeps out the riff raff. Can't wait until the price goes so high I can look down my nose at land rover owners. All the important people in movies will be in Jeeps. Black Jeeps. Big Jeep explody flippy scenes. Chase scenes up hills and through mud instead of the usual city...
  5. Dash maintenance

    Don't know. I'll ask....
  6. 2024 Jeep Wrangler Named Best SUV of 2024 by Cars.com

    Shipping a Jeep by dog sled is expensive... You should come to Texas. They pay people to take Jeeps here. I only have one because I needed the money.
  7. Ironman Tires

    Wuck falmart!!!!! I couldn't go there anyway. I passed the IQ test and dress too normally.
  8. Jeep Dreams (AI generated)

    I'll be on the mobility scooter with the wide slicks and flame job...
  9. Jeep Dreams (AI generated)

    Ain't no Rat Fink art!!!
  10. Air horn suggestions

    Don't know, I've seen some pretty funny videos... 🥴
  11. Disappointing- Viair 450p stealth

    Never had a problem with mine...
  12. Jeep People are Medieval...

    I can make it rain in a very localized area. I haven't expanded beyond a bush or patrol car. My formula doesn't scale up very well. 😕
  13. Jeep People are Medieval...

    WTF does it rain???? 🤔
  14. Battery Warmer? - No Garage

    Mine failed to remote start with temps in the teens today. Still have no idea why.
  15. Jeep Gang!!

    I hate it when egg heads use them ten doller words. dam ted tawks.😕
  16. No more stop/start...

    Every time I try and use a tazer on my jeep the prongs just bounce off. 🤔
  17. No more stop/start...

    Aw damn, I thought my Jeep was special.:CWL:
  18. No more stop/start...

    Mine has a button on the dash for that... 🤔
  19. 2024 Rubicon Mpg vs Sahara

    🤔 Don't believe I've ever owned a car/truck that got "good" gas milage...