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  1. Best $60 bike rack on the market

  2. Stood and argued with the service dept for 5 minutes over maximum quarts of oil

    I told them the new JL only takes 5 quarts of oil and they insisted it takes 6. I said please look it up. They have been putting in 6 quarts on every oil change they have done. Unbelievable that the service dept doesn’t know this.
  3. My first warranty visit tomorrow for leaking rear shock

    Rear shock absorber is leaking :(
  4. As a former TJ and JK owner all i can say is WOW!!!

    The new JL is amazing....I picked up a 2018 Sport last Thursday and my opinion is Jeep hit it out of the park with the new Wranglers. Now don't get me wrong if I had a JK I would probably not upgrade to the JL, but anyone saying they prefer the older model I don't understand why.
  5. After picking up my new Wrangler I noticed a half inch mark on the hardtop....

    Should have looked it all over before I left the lot but it was getting dark and I needed to get going and I missed about a half inch gouge in the rear of the hardtop by the back window. Should I tell the dealer or just get some touch up paint and call it a day?
  6. Should I pay $500 over invoice for a Punk'n color Rubicon 2 door or wait?

    There it was just sitting on a Jeep dealers lot with everything I want on it and it can be mine tomorrow. They will not move on the price since it's the only Rubicon in the area. I doubt it will last long.
  7. About 12 2018 Wranglers sitting on lots in the Buffalo area....

    And over 50 2017 models.......Any idea when the two door 2018 models will start to show up?